Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Jesus Festival 2010

Our church' music team is participating so I am inviting everyone to come and be blessed in a non stop praise and worship,. It will be held once again in MARIKINA RIVER BANKS on March 31 (5pm) to April 1 (8 AM). See you all there!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 5 and mission update

Today is the 5th day of our prayer and fasting. So far so good, been hungry most of the time and the worst is the craving for coffee but I'm good, this was my first time of fasting for that long but I don't regret it.

I've been praying hard for the mission trip to Malaysia, I have my ticket already and we're set to leave on Wednesday March 03. There has been lots of struggles and challenges and sometimes I get to think like when I'm in the middle of it.."should I still go Lord? or should I just get back to my work, to my comfort zone and live as normal as it can be"

I doubted, I cried, I worried ( a lot) but you know what at the end of the day, it's God words and promise that prevails. He wants us to go we're sure of that and when He send us I'm sure He'll send provision (and peace as well).

Right now, dear husband has no ticket yet, and I do not know when he's gonna get his ticket. The one who promised them the tickets back outs on the last minute and it's very frustrating, well If I can only use virtual credit cards I'll buy him this very minute. But you know what? he's not worried, he knew in his heart that he'll have his ticket before we leave on Wednesday.

Another thing (that caused me more headaches and heartaches) is that the band that is supposed to go on this trip is not going now. God only knows the reason and no one is to blame I know. After spending monies on prepaid cards and lots of overseas phone calls, our effort is still futile so the band decided not to go anymore for lack of funds (tickets are not cheap). So we have to let go and let God.

Actually that led me to ask God if He really wants us to go, been asking Him every night but been getting the same answer. If not now, when? So amidst the challenges, I'd still say yes Lord, we will go.

The only thing that worries me now really is my husband's ticket, In my thoughts we should book it now because it will even get pricey when the date is near so my logic tells me that we should get him a ticket now, but who will pay for it? where will we get the money for it? But God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts right? I cannot dictate God because HE exactly knows what HE is doing and I've got to trust that He will give us my husband's ticket sooner. I don't know ig He'll use someone or somebody I know or use someones virtual credit cards. I just got to trust Him that He will do it.

And hopefully I will be able to sleep soundly tonight like my husband does. I can hear him so deep in his sleep. I wish I can have a faith like him.

Thankful Thursday- Day 4

We're on our fourth day of prayer and fasting today. I am thanking God for HE sustains me. He is doing something in my heart and I am also thankful for that.

For now, I just want to leave you this ;


- Fast from discontent, feast on THANKFULNESS
- Fast from worry, feast on TRUST
- Fast from anger, feast on PATIENCE
- Fast from self-concern, feast on COMPASSION for others
- Fast from unrelenting pressures, feast on unceasing PRAYERS
- Fast from bitterness, feast on FORGIVENESS
- Fast from discouragement, feast on HOPE
- Fast from media hype, feast on the honesty of the BIBLE
- Fast from idle gossip, feast on purposeful SILENCE
- Fast from problems that overwhelm, feast on PRAYER that undergirds.

- Anonymous

for more thankful entries, please visit IRIS blog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Hubby had to go to the IT office so I had personal time spent with the Lord in the morning and I tell you It feels great and I missed that so much, being alone and worshiping God in the stillness and quietness of your room. My prayer yesterday was actually for the personal renewal of my spiritual life. Remember the first time you fell in love with the Lord? The first time you met HIM? it was like you wnated to spend the whole day talking to Him or talking about HIM right?

I was like that..

I waste no time in pondering and reading His words..during office, break time, at night..when I wake up in the morning and I really did pray unceasingly and worship HIM at all times..

And I miss that..

because honestly, things have changed a lot. I mean I still read the bible often, worship him and do ministries for Him..but I want to have the "fire" again. I hope you know what I mean.

So that is my prayer yesterday, Day 2 of our prayer and fasting, still no meat and only ate rice at lunch. I'm craving so much for coffee but I won't give up. I know after this I'll grow even more mature for the Lord and will be more than ready to face battle in Malaysia.

God bless everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today is the first day of our 7 days prayer and fasting. I really praise God because my leave from the office also started today which means I'm not that stressed and I will not be needing loads of energy (very timely indeed).

We woke up at 10:00 AM this morning and we started reading from Psalms 23 and Deuteronomy 28 : 1-14. We prayed and we worship until 11:00 AM.

I know it is still not that much, I mean when you are in fasting you should spent more time with the Lord right? but I am thankful we already started.

Bill Bright from his mini book ' 7 basic steps to successful prayer and fasting" mentioned that we should set our OBJECTIVE. Why do you fast? so my husband and I agreed of the reasons why would we fast.

1. For our personal spiritual renewal (revival), spiritual awakening.

2. For God's direction in our lives

3. For the mission trip to Malaysia

4. For our church revival

We committed to just eat one full meal a day and totally give up any meat (pork,chicken and beef). It's not easy because we are used to having three meals a day but I know God will sustain us.

Friday, February 19, 2010

7 days of prayer and fasting

"Consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly; gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the Lord your God, and cry out to the Lord"
Joel 1: 14

My husband and I finally attended the preparation teaching/seminar for the 7 days of fasting and prayer that our church will conduct next week. This will begin Monday (Feb.22) and will last until Sunday (Feb.28)

The timing of the fasting week is perfect because I'll be off from work then, and when you are fasting you should lessen your physical activities right? And this is the time where we (my husband and I) need to seek God more because of our upcoming mission trip. I feel not doing it at first but after tonight's teaching..I am quite sure God wants me to fast this week. God expects us to fast.

So I'll be writing a post update about it here everyday.And will be posting some teachings and quotes about fasting too. Tomorrow I'll post the reason why we should fast and some health benefits too, I tell you fasting is a natural way to lose weight, no need for phentermine or any weight loss pills but if your motive is to only lose weight then you beat the purpose, because fasting should be more on seeking God and desiring to be closer to Him.

I'll see you all tomorrow. God bless everyone!

Diet pills or slimming tea?

Would you know the best weight loss products available in the market today? What do you take (if you are taking one)

What do you think is more safe?

Diet pills or slimming tea?

because I've given up with diet pills long time ago and it seems that slimming tea is the trend now..I can see loads of advertisement everyday in TV and print ads. Is it safe? have you tried one?

I’m really thinking to try one but am also thinking twice..maybe I should consult the OB first.

How about the slimming juice?

Strong Tower

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's Friday!! oops..I stand corrected..7 more minutes before Friday, it's only 11:53 PM.

I'm excited for Friday..why? because it's my last day at the office and will be back after 5 weeks!! That's the most exciting world will experience a change of the routine for 5 weeks :)

Next week will be the start of my leave but we're not leaving to Malaysia till March 1 so that first week will be spent preparing for the mission trip. Raising funds, arranging the itineraries, finalizing things and of course some time to just rest. No time to do any games or read reviews about differin but will have more time communicating with friends :)

I'm excited..I now I've said it so many times before but I really am, I guess the "I'm scared" part will come when it's time for us to go.

But will not be driven out by fear or anything. God will equipped us and most of all HE will be with us. Thanks everyone for wishing us well and praying for us in this trip. God bless you all!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week i want to give thanks to God for giving me and my husband opportunity to serve Him through MISSION

~10 days more to go and we're off to Malaysia.

~Someone who has a very good heart is paying for hubby's ticket.

~ God opened another opportunity to earn (t-shirt printing) please pray we can do this for that 10 days so we can use the money to our Malaysia trip.

~ I thank God for HE has been teaching me a LOT (dying to self) since the preparation of this mission trip. and I know He'll teach me more when I'm already there out in the field.

~ I thank Him for the group of very supporting family and friends He has given me and my husband. They are real treasures. specifically I am thankful for "Michelle" my dear cousin-bestfriend, my angel. She really is one of my major support (financially, spiritually and emotionally) one of the many reason why I don't need any acne cream.

what are you thankful for this week? Please share it with us though Iris' blog. It is always good to give thanks to the LORD for He is good and His mercy endures forever!!!

Malaysia mission Trip -Update

* I already filed my leave of absence from the office, It will officially start on Monday, February 22. with that I will still have the time to do other things at home and other preparation.

* As you all know, this is gonna be my first mission trip so I'm a bit scared and anxious. Still thinking of what to bring, what will we bee needing that we can't buy there. Do I need to buy medicines, toiletries because I'm sure it will be more expensive to buy there. The current exchange rate of 1RM (Malaysian money) to Php (Philippine Peso) is 13.60. I want to use the money wisely specially if it's money from friends who supported us ( will not buy diet pills either) lol.

* Hubby is currently taking the ACCESS training from International Teams, it started last Monday and will end on Friday. I was supposed to take that training too in preparation of us being missionaries but i still have work this week.

* There is mis communication between the team here and the person in-charge in Kota Kinabalu for the tickets so please pray that everything will be alright. That everyone will be provided tickets.

* We still don't have much funds but as I have said a while ago to a friend, we will not be discouraged by not having enough funds. God is not moved by our needs but He is moved by our faith. He will supply our needs wherever we maybe.


And if you feel like you wanted to become part of this mission trip and you want to support us, please feel free to email me or send me message. Thanbk you and God bless everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"we can stop forgiving others when Christ stops forgiving us"

And we know that Christ will never stop forgiving us so it only means we shouldn't stop forgiving others too. But how hard exactly it is to forgive when the one you have to forgive is the love of your life? and how many times?

Tonight, I listened to a woman who had suffered so much emotional pain from her husband, and what hurts her most? her husband was a former church leader, a bible reader, missionary supporter, a Christian in all his ways and action except when no one sees him (me think). While listening to her I was saying to myself..oh God I cannot do what she did, I might not even forgive on the first offense, I imagine the hurt and torture of knowing your husband has cheated on you, but this lady has only love for her husband and I hope and pray that someday God will reward her beautiful humble heart. That the husband will find his way home to her heart and shower her with all the love she deserves. I will also remember to pray for her husband, I ma not in the position to judge him and I know if he will only come to the Father, He is ready to forgive him.

And I also pray that our marriage won't suffer as much as theirs, that God will protect us from all the enemies work. And at the same time I thank God once again for I may not have the richest husband in the world, one who gives flower all the time, one who treats at the finest restaurant in town, one who often gives expensive gifts like jewelries or a kymaro body shaper but I thank God I have a husband who fears, honor and serve the Lord the best way he could.

So tonight or today please remember all the married couples you know in your heart and pray for their marriage. It might help.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts on Motherhood

Last night I spent hours and hours reading a mother’s blog. But that is no ordinary blog. The very first entry I read was the birthing story of her 2nd daughter and from that post you can feel every emotion that comes along with it.

- frustration
- fear
- expectancy
- joy
- pain
- happiness

and a lot more.

You see, her 2nd daughter is special (has down syndrome) but the blog is not about down syndrome, it is about a mother’s life and most of all the MOTHER’s LOVE. Love for life, love for her daughters.

Now, reading that blog all night long made me think and re think and wonder if I will ever have the same experience as her, like all the mothers in the world. Conceiving, coming to full term and finally giving birth. I wonder If I’ll ever be able or capable of that mother’s love, that opportunity to love, nurture, care and be responsible for ones life. To be honest I sometimes lose hope.

I turned 37 last week, we’re on our 4th year wedding anniversary this coming April. I stopped consultation with the OB two years ago, I admit it’s financially and emotionally draining and we don’t have much to drain on the financial side.

Sometimes I ask why can’t I just be pregnant like anybody else. Why everything is too hard for me, too hard to lose weight, to hard to conceive, too hard to exercise (walking is the only exercise I am allowed to) and I can’t even seem to find the diets that works for me.

But I am not giving up, along with my prayers and your prayers, I will still give it a try. I am on the hunt for new OB (one that doesn’t charge too much) since last week. I am decided to be checked just before we go to our mission trip next next week.

So please keep on praying for us. It keeps us strong and hopeful.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starting my week right

I feel bad that I did not attend church today. I didn't get up from bed until past 2:00 in the afternoon. I wish I fought the feeling of frustration and disappointment and just went on with my normal activity for today which going to church the first priority.

But I do feel a lot better now about that event last night. I know I cannot turn back time and I cannot bring back those pictures but I'm sure I can still have loads of memories to keep in the future.

And hello!! losing pictures is not as bad as not having food in the table, it is not as bad as not being able to feel the warmth love from people around you, not even as bad as having some kind of disease like cancer or Mesothelioma. So wasting a night and almost a day sulking about the loss of the pictures is enough. There are more important things to deal and think about than that.

And another week is about to start..I will choose to start it right.

Have a nice week everyone!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


If you are a facebook friend, probably you know by now that I feel bad right at this moment. I spent hours crying and trying to accept that all the important pictures I've taken for the past few years were now GONE. Christmas spent at the province with my parents, a nephew's graduation, a family reunion, a summer vacation, some trips we made as husband and wife and many many more memories.

I know I can't do anything about it now, in fact a facebook friend commented saying that memories were etched in our hearts and I now it's true but It's still different when you reminisce it with pictures, pictures that captured every emotion on that particular moment. I could only sigh and sigh.

I wish I had stored it somewhere in the web, I wish I made a back-up, I wish I had know the husband is reformatting the disk..but we can not turn back the time. I have to deal with it now.

So instead of reading about whole life insurance now, I'm trying to back up what's left at my photos and I will do it even if I don't sleep again tonight, i don't want another loss. It is too much to handle. Maybe you're wondering why It's a big deal for me..those are only pictures anyway but I am one of those people who value those a lot, as a matter of fact I always say that if ever our house is on fire I'll save all my photo album first because you can not make those memories again, you can not repeat another Christmas or another birthday in your life right? You can always replace furnitures and stuff but never an event that happened once in your life.

Sorry..this is such a rant.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Couple's Valentines Party

Just got home a while ago from our church Valentines day celebration, yes our church do celebrate it :) we're cheesy I know..hehe! but every year the Housewives Ministry organizes a Valentine Party for the couples in the church and every year the women of our church always look forward to it. Below are some pictures taken, Last year I was the host and the game master, this time me and my friend Carmel hosted it. It was lot of fun!!

(me and hubby)

This heart balloon was a DIY by me and hubby, we were at lost first when we tried it, the rod was bought from the local hardware and electrical supplies store. It's worth the effort though because the church people loved it!!

Here are more pictures from the party :)

(beautiful Carmel)

(the worship band in their wacky?/funny?post)

(Pastor Nonoy guessing what it is in his head)

(beautiful receptionists)

(enjoying the food)

(gorgeous housewives!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Birthday

Hello everyone! I am a bit early for our Thankful Thursday post :) As of this time, Iris doesn't have the post yet at her blog but I'll be checking her blog later.

This week is special because I celebrated my birthday last Monday, and I wanted to share with you how our heavenly Father demonstrated His love for me once again, As I have mentioned before, it was just an ordinary day for me, I didn't plan anything on my birthday, no dinner hosting for friends, no going out with the husband.

But I did pray that morning, I ask God to just show me He loves me that day, I said do something unusual Lord, something that will surprise me (because guess what? I have never ever been surprised in any of my birthday celebrations) and our loving Father just did what I asked. I love HIM!!

When I get home that night, there are friends at home, there are foods and there are even balloons and a cake!! I felt so love and appreciated :) I know it is the Lord showing me He loves me through my friends.

And what surprised me most? nope not the fat burning product but when I found this in our bed..

I am surprised because the husband is not into this, I mean he is not the type who will buy something like this, he gave me flowers before but flowers that are just picked up from somewhere, this is the first arranged flowers and the letter that comes with it is even more surprising!!

I had a wonderful birthday because I have wonderful friends and a very loving husband and all of that because I have a great Father up above!!!


I've been staring at this white blank page for over 30 minutes now. I can't seem to find anything to blog or any interesting thing to write, I have few in my minds which I think is worth it to share but I wanted to include pictures so that have to wait till tomorrow. (I should say later because it's already 2:02 AM)

I think my insomnia is back, I've been sleeping late again these past few days, which is so bad because that means hard time waking up in the morning to be on time at the office. This is when I think most of not having a day job, but I know I cannot still afford that.

Anyways, I've got to look for industrial hand wheels for a while and will try to go to bed soon hoping to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

It's Thursday today so I'll have another Thankful post later! watch out for it!

God bless everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LJBC Las Pinas Anniversary

Just want to share some pictures from our church outreach anniversary last Sunday.
These young people have loads of energies in them, they dance like there is no tomorrow, but I am glad they do dance for the Lord! No hydroxycut side effects huh? yup..because obviously they don't need it. hehe!
This is their worship team, the young teen plays guitar and a 13 year old girl plays the drums. Amazing talents! and what makes it more amazing is that they maybe young but they are already being used in God's Kingdom :)

Happy 11th Anniversary LJBC Las Pinas!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I didn’t have any plans of celebrating my birthday. But friends surprised me last night, when I came home there was a table with loads of foods waiting for me, a cake and some balloons too! Thank you so much to me dear friends and to dear husband.

God loves me truly! You know why? I asked God to show me He loves me yesterday, like a daughter making request to his father because it’s her birthday, and I was like anything Lord, anything that will surprise me. And so HE did! Through my friends and my husband.

So instead of reading the proactiv review last night, I had a good night spent with good friends at home.

Thanks everyone! Thank you Lord!

Our very first newsletter

pls. click for larger view

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I turned 37 today, my current time is 2:15 February 8,2010

I wrote 35 things in my other blog 2 years ago when I turned 35 but I am not gonna do it now.

I think I am getting old, people get old, it is a reality, no anti aging product can stop anybody from getting old.

But I think you can choose the way you want to go old. I may not be getting any younger but I know in my heart I am aging gracefully because God is with me.

Today, I thank HIM for HIS wonderful and amazing LOVE. If HE hadn't love me, I won't be here writing this post and thanking Him.

"I was once lost..but now I'm found"

So..Happy birthday to mE!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So you would come

This is an old song from Hillsong, my husband's been singing it the whole week and I started singing it last Friday. Last night the Lord spoke to me through that song. And while I listen to it over and over I just felt something, I started to cry and worship the Lord,part of the song said..

"nothing you could do to make Him love you more
nothing that you've done
to make Him close the door"

I am completely amazed of God's great love for us. I do not need to be someone for Him, I may not have the biggest ministry in the world, I may have done the biggest sin one can ever commit, still God's LOVE is there.

You may feel lost right at this moment, you might have loads of troubles, you may have a broken life, uncurable disease, if you would just look up to our God, He is willing to take them all from
you if you would come to Him.

"come to the Father, though your gift is small
broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all"

worrying about your finances? marriage problems? fighting with sicknesses, or even as small as not being able to find the hair loss cure? Just come to the Father..and He will give you rest.

"The power of the word
The power of his blood
Everything was done so you would come"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Walking exercise

Yes, I am pleased to tell you my dear readers that me and my husband started walking and we're on our day three tomorrow. It's about time we think about our health, if we want to be use by God in His kingdom we have to be in good condition physically.

We also started taking vitamins again after a long time,click here if you want to know more about vitamins.

But guess what's the best thing that this daily walking has brought in my life? It's the daily talk in the morning with my Lord. It's so good to be able to praise God and commune with Him while the sun is about to shine. I walk and walk and sing song to Him and talk to Him. That is so precious! I hope I can do this everyday.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday

I was not able to post yesterday because I was out the whole day but of course I don't want to miss this week because it's Iris of Grace Alone's first week of hosting this wonderful meme.

Anyways, here's my thankful list this week :)

1. For the success of our event last night ( work related), it was my first to handle a big event like that but Praise God we pulled it through!! Thank you Lord for the wisdom and for everything!

2. The Lord is doing something in me right now,and I am thankful for that, it is not beautiful and easy when the potter is remodeling the clay, refining it into something that he wants and approved of but then I'm sure it would end up beautiful.

3. My dad is sick and has been to the doctor yesterday, he needs to do more tests, CT scan and X-rays, I am thanking God now for the provisions He will send our way for those tests and for the healing.

4. Thank God I still have my work, I know a lot are in job search right now and Praise God I have a steady income through my job.

I always declare this every morning..that God is GOOD all the time and it is making a very good effect in me..whatever situation I am in..I know it won't change God's goodness to me because I am HIS precious child.

For more thankful souls, please visit Iris blog.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update : Malaysia mission trip

I actually have nothing to update but still I want you to know (my readers) what's going on with this planned trip.

Our missionary pastor who resides there now in Kiningau, Sabah, Malaysia went back there last Monday. They were for Christmas and new year. They're already informed that we will be going there this February, we will be staying in their house for a week.

Rudolf my husband and the band (2 members from Musician On Fire) and a girl named Sharon whom I have yet to meet are now rehearsing every Monday and Thursday for the songs they will be playing/singing in churches in Malaysia.

As of to date, we are set to leave on the 25th, but no one has ticket yet. I still have to e-mail the one in charge in Malaysia for coordination and for schedules.

Our missionary couple friend and housemate Carmel & Andrew are going also but they'll follow on our last two weeks there.

I still want to go to Singapore from Kota Kinabalu probably on our last week but we'll see what God wants for us.

Please keep on praying for us, pray that the Lord's will be done and that HE prepares us for this trip and that HE may use us mightily in this field.

Pray also for His provision for this mission trip.