Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Fellowship International-Philippines

God has given us another opportunity to serve Him through worship leading at the launching of "The Fellowship International-Philippines" last October 24. It was indeed a blessing :) Nearly 500 Pastors and Leaders from all over the Philippines came to the launching. It was nice to be part of this network. Pastor Don Leavell who heads the Fellowship International  was here together with his wife Marva and some more members from America.

Dr. Paul Ang from Malaysia was also one of the speakers. It was a conference focus on Jesus. We as Christians (followers of Christ) should make Jesus the center of our lives,our  ministries and of our church. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Musician's wife

I am. And I am grateful that my husband keeps on making music for the Lord. Sometimes he gets tired and weary but who doesn't right? What matters most is that he knows his purpose and that he is using his skills and talents for that very purpose. WORSHIP of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Here's his recent photos from a ministry in Laguna. It was 24 hour praise and worship and intercession and he was there standing, kneeling and leading worship for almost three hours straight.

With his new white guitar

 Sometimes I wonder where he gets that kind of energy because you see we're not that young anymore plus the fact that he also has his day job that is equally stressfull but when it comes to his ministry, he gives his all.
And I am so blessed by how he serve our God and His people. He has indeed that servant heart and I am so grateful I married him :)

The only thing that, well, makes as argue sometimes is that he is always on the look out for new musical gadgets and instruments, he just bought 2 second hand guitars last month and just this morning he was saying again about his favorite music store that is on sale.

He regularly vsist this website and many more online music store but we have an outstanding agreement. he cannot just buy without informing me and us making a good discussion about it.

This Saturday, they will again participate in Rocktoberpraise. Last night, they played in another church and recorded one song again for the album, he came home at 3 in the morning. On Oct 24, he is leading worship in a big gathering of Pastors and church leaders in Makati.

As the musician's wife, my role is to intercede for him not only when he is in the ministry but on day to day basis. Yes, I am a musician's wife and I love it.