Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Church

It's been a month now since that very sad day when we.....I actually do not know how to word it but...I guess it's safe to say when we went out from our former church ( this may sound easy but I tell you it's NOT. up to this time, I lay still at night and think about what had happened and sometimes most of the time I can still feel the sadness within.

But on a lighter note, we have started to move on and so far we've been holding worship service in a small Barangay hall every Sunday morning, with one acoustic guitar and two microphones :) but that doesn't matter at all, the important thing is we were able to worship corporately as brothers and sisters once a week :)

here are some of the pictures..
First Sunday

Our second Sunday here :)

and our Third where the Lord confirmed our new church name : Jesus the Hart of Worship Global Ministries
and our Fourth..

God is good all the time!!!