Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pray and Worship first!

Normally if we're sick, our first thought would be "go to the doctor and have yourself checked"  that was actually what came to mind yesterday as I felt very sick, I was panicking inside because I could not stand up nor sit due to dizziness.  Thankful that I am reminded of what should come first.

PRAY and WORSHIP! Because when we worship and linger in the presence of God, healing and deliverance take place, As my husband is helping me I asked him to pray and he played a worship song (Paul Ang album) and joined him in praying in the spirit.

I was ready to go to Emergency Room but I waited a bit and prayed more. 

Ending- I am back to work now, no trip to ER but will schedule a doctor’s visit soon just to check where that came from.

Whatever you are going through right now, I urge you to pray and worship, it might be an emotional sickness, financial problem or whatever it is-know that our GOD is the God of Impossible. HE CAN DO ALL THINGS and HE hears our prayers.

Praise HIM from whom all blessings flow!

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