Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tees for sale

These are the pictures of t-shirts we made (the print) and sold for our fundraising last month and yes it was a big help. We were able to complete the amount needed for the Macau conference. Praise God!

Hubby and I are thinking of other designs as we do plan to sell more t-shirts.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Calling all Filipino worship leaders and worshiper out there. If you have still have nothing on your schedule for tomorrow (or later) maybe you would want to consider attending this gathering.

Event details from clickthecity.

Rise Up Ministries invites Worship Teams and Worshippers to the Sing Pinoy Worship National Worship Conference.

The theme is We Will Rise Up: Challenging the Filipino Worshippers to fulfill his destiny. With Main Speaker and Host Pastor Roman Guevara, the Composer/Worship Leader of the Rise Up Band.

The event will focus on three topics. Rise Up to Serve, Rise Up to Growth and Rise Up to Destiny. Rise Up to Serve caters the Keys to Developing An Effective Worship Ministry. Rise Up to Growth discusses the importance of Taking Your Life and Worship Ministry to the Next Level. And Rise Up to Destiny focuses on the urgency in Fulfilling the Filipino Worship Calling.

Sing Pinoy Worship also Features Workshops for Musicians, Singers and Dancers with the Special Participation of Various Speakers/Musicians and Pastor Rommel Guevara, the Composer of Mahal na Mahal Kita Panginoon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday once again, my favorite meme so far that’s why I don’t want to miss it. This week Iris of Grace Alone talked about the BASICS and yes, most of the time we forget to give thanks about these basic needs that are being met and provided everyday. And with that here’s my list for this week.

♥ I want to thank God for providing food for us in every meal.

♥ I am thankful for the cold drinking water I have everyday. I realized not all people are blessed to have that. I just heard a complaint from someone yesterday due to drinking warm water. I would still be satisfied having water to drink though whether warm or cold.

♥ I thank God for giving me a complete REST yesterday. I mentioned the other day in my other blog that I am restless and God heard it. I didn’t report to work and just practically slept the whole day. I know I needed that.

♥ This past few days temperature was high and it’s been hot and humid so I am thankful we have electric fans to keep us cool during the night and I thank HIM I work in an air conditioned office and I do not have to worry about the heat during daytime.

♥ And lastly, I thank Him for sparing me last Saturday for some emotional hurts and pains. HE knew exactly how much I could take so He didn’t allow me to.

Praise God for everything!! Have a blessed day everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Worship Leaders

This is a very nice read for worship leaders out there!

By: Dan Wilt

Whether you’re searching to hire one or trying to become one, there are essential skill-sets, essential soul-sets common in those who model and lead worship.

As a trainer of new worship leaders, I make it my goal to reinforce the key skill-set and essential soul-set necessary for a worship leader – in any type of church environment -- to be a prime candidate pursued in one of these phone calls. Whether a postmodern church experiment or an established congregation is on the line, there are certain qualities that run like a thread through the lives of consistently effective and authoritative worship leaders.

Here are just a few:

Great Worship Leaders... are consistent.

Anyone can lead a great worship moment every once in awhile. The strongest worship leaders have a knack for consistently leading worship, in small groups, large groups, conferences, etc., in an effective and meaningful way.

Great worship leaders have learned how to build a worship set in a consistent and systematic way, without feeling like they’re quenching the Spirit of God if they prepare well.

Great worship leaders know how to make the lion’s share of a set out of songs that are fresh yet familiar, God- centered and easily engaged by all age groups.

Great worship leaders know how to let the songs lead worship and give the worshiper language for worship. They feel no pressure to say-a-lot or pray-a-lot to keep energy flowing.

Great Worship Leaders... are equippers.

The most appreciated worship leaders have a streak of a trainer and mentor running through them. They are not content to have the platform all to themselves over a few years. They are always looking for those they can train, mentor and release, either inside or outside of that local congregation. They are secure in the gift they offer, and in the face of the gifts that others offer.

Great worship leaders know how to enjoy the process of building lifelong friendships with developing worship leaders—particularly those who value their input and share like-mindedness on key levels.

Great worship leaders know how to mentor over time, without feeling any pressure to release people to lead worship before they are developed musically, emotionally or skillfully.
Great worship leaders know how to become older brothers and sisters in worship
leading, and not to simply protect themselves in the “always-leading” worship leadership role.

Great Worship Leaders... are pastoral.

These worship leaders have a wider skill set than just playing an instrument, leading worship and leading a band. Most churches cannot afford such a limited capability in a new staff member. Most pastors and leaders I know are looking for worship leaders stirred by Kingdom passion, and motivated by pastoral love for the church.

Another call has come in. “We’re looking for a worship leader; can you help us?” Often, the pastor calling is looking for someone with a defined skill set, a refined character and an inclined heart toward transplanting to their church location. Most times, the request is coupled with a caveat that the pay is minimal or non-existent, the worship leader must be willing to move to their area, find a job, and voluntarily lead worship. However, at other times, the church is prepared to pay someone, either part-time or full-time, to be their worship pastor. In these cases, my list becomes shorter, and I look for the qualities and experience that mark those I consider to be “Great Worship Leaders.”

Great worship leaders actually care for, and shepherd, their worship teams. Great worship leaders “pastor” the congregation as they lead worship. It is clear to the church that the worship leader is not primarily in front to express his or her musical preferences in worship.

Great worship leaders know when to ask someone to join a team, because their hearts are right, and how to ask someone to take a break because their hearts are askew from the central mandate of the team – to serve.

Great Worship Leaders... are proficient.

Worship leaders who play their instrument well have a much longer sustainability factor within a changing congregation than do those who are weak technically and cannot handle a diversity of demographic or need in a local community.

Great worship leaders are able on their instrument. They are not always the most proficient musician on the team; in fact, they are sometimes the least! However, they can lead the band confidently with what they do know.

Great worship leaders have just enough arranging ability to take a rag tag team, intuitively know what songs they can pull off smoothly, and what songs they simply cannot, and make them sound sweet together in simple arrangements.

Great worship leaders practice privately, and keep their own chops up personally or with lessons.

Great Worship Leaders... understand authority.

These worship leaders understand what mutual submission is all about. They recognize the mantle that the lead pastor carries for the congregation, and they do all they can to defer to, and support, that leader.

Great worship leaders know how to honor time limits, ask teachable questions, and share the pastor’s vision for the church in song selection and event preparation.

Great worship leaders do not push their way into worship leading or other roles – they
offer their gifts, and then allow God to make a place for them to lead. They are not pushy or forceful – they are centered, and full of trust in God to make a place for their leadership.

Great worship leaders graciously receive input, and even pursue it – especially from the lead pastor and common (non-musical) worshipers in the congregation.

Great Worship Leaders... are passionate.

The passionate will always lead, no matter the sphere or situation. Inspiring worship leaders carry a blend of passion and restraint in their toolbox. The leader’s hunger for God, evidenced in an honest and vulnerable worship leading style, is irreplaceable, and evident to all. Many dispassionate worship leaders are hired because their musical skill level can cover up for a lack of personal passion as a worshiper.

At the same time that passionate worship is the hallmark of their leadership, great worship leaders are very keen in knowing when to push the envelope in worship, and when to hold back, even when their own emotions are running high.

Great worship leaders are exhuberant, without becoming cheerleaders. In other words, they approach the moment of worship with enthusiasm, yet that enthusiasm is tempered with gentleness and a lack of need to generate outward emotion to feel that they’ve done their job.

Great worship leaders can separate their personal emotional state from what the moment calls for in the group they are leading (I don’t know that this art is learned by any other mode than longevity in worship leading experience).

Great worship leaders love God and the secret place, and worship frequently, for extended times, on their own. This is an abbreviated look at the key qualities to be sought after as we develop into the most effective lead worshipers we can be. Make it your vision to be the most effective worship leader you know, making it easy for the heart cry of the community of God to find its way out of their hearts through the music of worship, and before the One they love. Then, train others around you to seek greatness in the same high calling.

Dan Wilt is an internationally respected worship leader, songwriter, artist and conference speaker. Based out of St. Stephen's University in New Brunswick, Canada, Dan is adjunct professor of Contemporary and Emerging Worship Leadership. He is passionate about investing today's worship practice with the riches of the ancients, and the interface between the Church and culture. Dan is also the editor of Inside Worship magazine, and serves as the Worship Development Coordinator for Vineyard Churches Canada. He makes his home in St. Stephen with his wife Anita, and three children, Anna, Abigail and Benjamin.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How great is your love

How great is your love
How great is your love
How great is your love
How great is your love for me

Higher than the heavens
Deeper than the seas
How great is your love for me

That’s a new song from Pastor Rommel Guevara, they sang it during the Macau conference last week and yesterday we sang it at the church too.

I am overwhelmed with God’s love. And I am also reminded of Romans 8:38 -39…it says

8For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This is more than enough to keep me going.

Have a blessed week everyone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to thank for this week. I don’t know how I am going to start because I was overwhelmed with God’s love and blessings.

First I am thankful we were able to attend the International teams East-Asia Conference in Macau. My heart was refreshed, I was re assured of God’s love for me even if I fail sometimes, and that HE loves me the same even if I do this ministry or not.

I am thankful for the positive response we got after we made the presentation/report about the fishnets ministry. I am thankful I was able to speak well, my friends knew I was so nervous to stand up and do the presentation but Praise God for HE gave me the courage and the wisdom.

that's me..making the presentation for our ministry

I am thankful for the provision for that trip, as you have read on my previous posts, my husband and I made some fund raising so we could go and attend and indeed we were able to come. Our God is God of provision.

I am thankful for all of my friends who supported us. Those who includes us in their prayers, thank you so much. I am also thankful for the people we met with this trip. We visited three churches in Hongkong and we were blessed.

One lady who we just met in Hongkong lend us bed sheets, linens and pillows and cook some food for us. She also gave us gifts when we are about to go home. She has a very good heart.

For more thankful posts, visit Iris site.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm dropping a quick thankful thursday post here because I don't want to miss it.

I want to give praise to the Lord who provided for our trip to Macau, we are now in Hongkong and I praise HIM for opening new doors for me and my hubby. We had a good time in the conference. I was so blessed. I made a short post about it here too.

Thank you Lord for wonderful years you ahd givenme, celebrated my birthday last Sunday.


Thank you all my dear thankful thursday sisters for praying for us.

God bless everyone!

Visit thankful post here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leaving soon!

5 more hours to go and we're off to Macau. So I'm leaving you a post because I don't know when I'll be able to go online during the conference.

It was my birthday yesterday and there was nothing grand in it but God showed me how faithful HE is to me all this years.

First , He has given me parents that supports me all the way in all my decisions and endeavors. I am grateful that they understood the life I have chosen with the Lord. The very recent was when we are raising funds for the trip, my Father offered us money though I didn't ask for it. Not all are blessed with such wonderful set of parents and yes even my sisters supported us in anyway they can. God loves me so much so He blessed me with such a family.

Second, I am thankful for the friends who never forgets me. I am so much thankful for Michelle my cousin-friend who is like a sister to me. I have lots of good friends online and in real life. therefore I AM BLESSED.

and of course I AM BLESSED with a wonderful, loving and kind HUSBAND. I know I can be a good source of headache sometimes but he is just there always trying his best to understand me.

So, was it a happy birthday? yes..its a good one, no big celebrations but I have big BLESSINGS.

To GOD be all the glory!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday

3 more days to go and it’s my birthday
4 more days to go and we’re off to the mission’s conference.

Today I just want to thank God for the many things HE has been teaching me for the past few weeks.

I have never worked so hard like what I am doing now to meet the funds needed for the trip. Office work during the day, after office hours we will sell barbecue just outside the church and after that when everybody else is already in their beds, we will start printing t-shirts which hubby will deliver the next day.

I admit, it’s very tiring physically and emotionally. As of this writing, my husband Rudolf is resting because he has severe back pain this morning.

So what did I learn through all of this?






Girls, If it is not too much of you, Can I again ask for your prayers? Because on the conference we are given a 10 minutes presentation for the ministry we are doing and we would like this presentation to be more challenging and at the same time encouraging to our fellow missionaries.

If you want to know about the conference, here’s the website and you can get info of our ministry here.

Before I go, welcome back Iris and just want to let you know that you are doing good in your photography. Thank you Lori for the 2 thankful Thursday you hosted.

Blessings to everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

It's Wordless Wednesday but here's word from HIM
have another entry here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Delirious? The Farewell Tour - Live in Manila

Hubby and I are both excited for this, however we are not yet sure of what tickets to buy. We're praying to have tickets in front like what we had with the Sonic flood concert.

You can call ticketnet for tickets or the visit for more information.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

When to stop?

I am asking myself that question actually..

When should I stop doing a certain ministry?

Do you stop when you get tired?

Do you stop when you run out of funds?

Do you stop when you don't get results?

Do you stop when you feel like you are alone?

Do you stop when you are being discouraged?

Tell me, when do you stop?