Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New year!!!

We are going away later for another trip to the North. It has become our year end personal retreat, like last year we went to a sort of secluded and virgin islands and that gave us a lot of time to reflect and plan and ask for God's direction for the coming year.

This year we are doing the same, we are leaving tonight and we'll be spending the new years eve away from the loud noise of the city, I hate firecrackers anyway.

And this time, I really need some quiet time. I'm quitting job next month and I'm afraid of so many things. Rudolf is as scared as me as well, we both know that this is not easy but we both know that OBEDIENCE is the best we can give to our Lord and for sure it's the key to all the many blessings also.

I'm counting on your prayers for us. Please pray for peace as we move on to a different level of our faith, please pray that God will supply all our needs even if I leave my work and please pray that we may both hear God's voice as we follow HIM.



" This is the year that GOD will perform the good things which HE promised unto us"

Jeremiah 33:14-16 (New International Version)

14 " 'The days are coming,' declares the LORD, 'when I will fulfill the gracious promise I made to the house of Israel and to the house of Judah.

Thank you Lord

for the many gifts we got this Christmas, for the people who actually thought of us, for the friends who made efforts to give us something we will appreciate, more than the material things, Thank you for the gift of love that abounds, for the gift of joy, for the gift of friendship. Thank you for letting us see the real meaning of the season, the reason why there is such a big celebration. And though no one gifted us a Samsung HDTV, what we had is more than enough.

Thank you for sending Jesus your only begotten Son. The most precious gift we have ever received and for that we are forever grateful to you Lord.

Hospital Ministry

Hi everyone! I'm back from a short vacation and will be away again tomorrow. How's your Christmas? Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the day with your loved ones. It's been a busy month for us here, personally and also with the ministry. I have loads of stuff to blog but I'm doing the hospital ministry first because this was the sort of launching of this ministry. One of our Pastor had a burdened in helping sick and poor kids/families in the hospital and so last week we went to distribute some goods and most of all we went to minister and pray for them. It was a very humbling experience.

That is me trying to cheer up this beautiful young girl who just had her operation days ago

and look at that smile!! she became my friend!!
looks like I needed a CONCERTA Adult ADHD Medication here :)

Praying for the sick, praying for healing and miracles

It was such a blessing not only for them but for us also :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season of giving and loving

It is Christmas! Actually two more days to go, tomorrow is the last day at the office and I am excited to go home to province to spend Christmas with my parents. I’ve been attending parties and eating a lot since last week. I can’t imagine how many pounds have been added since the beginning of the party season. But I am not complaining, if you’re invited to party often it only means you are loved.

I have also lots of things to blog about. The husband’s picture from Malaysia is up on his facebook and he made a slideshow also of it. I am planning to post it here for you to see how he was used by our Lord in that place.

Next in my list is the “seed of love ministry” which was headed by one of our Pastor. We went to a government hospital last Saturday and distributed goods to the sick children. It deserves a separate post so I’m sure gonna make one for it soon.

And the children’s Christmas parties and church Christmas parties including the dinner fellowships, Christmas is really a big thing here, it is the time where friends and families get together and catch up with each other. That is why I am going home in our province, I want to spend Christmas with my old parents. And though this season is the most expensive month of the year it’s all worth it. And because it is expensive month we forego the motorcycle repair which the husband said is long overdue, we are not going to buy anything for the bike this Christmas yet, although motorbike accessories are not as expensive as jeep accessories we still can’t do it this month. Anyways, if you are looking for accessories, this site has a huge selection and you might find what you need there.

I will be away for three days so being away means I have no access to internet so I won’t be able to see you guys here. And with that, I am leaving you our greetings for this merry season of giving and loving.

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with your love ones!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday - the Gift

What a timely post for this season and Laurie of Women Taking a Stand wrote a very nice post about the gift in us.
And for this Thankful Thursday post I want to share how God's love us and provided or us this week through gifts.

It was Tuesday when my sister texted me borrowing money for my nieces' tuition fees because it's exam week and the money from their Dad who work overseas has not yet arrive. I was torn because I don't have extra money, all I have was just enough to pay the house rent which is due also that day. I cried because I wanted to lend them money but hesitant also because anytime soon the landlord will ask for the rent.

The next morning she texted again and I give in to her request, lend her half of what she is requesting and at the same time praying for some provision for our house rent. And guess what? God gave back exactly what I lend my sister the same day so we were able to pay the rent.

But after that I only had like 200 pesos ($4) left in my wallet I said Lord you know we don't have money and we have needs. And yes He knew so today, a friend sent us a cash gift and at the Christmas party we attended tonight I also got cash money from the raffle. God is so great indeed!!! He is simply AMAZING!!

I so agree with Laurie, if you let God use you as willing and obedient vessel He will also give you tremendous blessings as well. So be a gift to others, it maybe your resources, your talent or your time and you won't regret it for sure!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gospel T-Shirts for sale

Because we need to double time in raising the funds for our upcoming mission trip to Malaysia this February, we are selling these t-shirts for only 150.00 each that's more or less $4 but sadly though we can't do overseas shipping yet, but I would like to work on that so maybe next year I'll be able to ship them abroad.

Right now, we have four designs but new ones are coming within this week also.

I'm still thinking of what else can we sell, right now we have leche flan (custard cake) , we rent out chocolate fondue for parties, I'm not gonna sell e cigarette don't worry. Sometimes it got me worrying because we need to altleast raise Php 20,000.00 ($450.00) for both of us for this mission trip alone. We do not know where to get it but I'm sure God will provide.

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now and be a part of God's work all over the world!!


Happy Monday morning everyone!! It’s another week for us, another week to experience God’s tremendous blessings, His unending love, His amazing grace. And even if things do not go the way you expected them to be, keep on smiling (even if you feel like you need NJ Cosmetic dentist) yup..just keep smiling and keep your head up. Be still and know that God who made the universe and all its wonders is in control of your life and certainly He knows what is best for you.

so size fits all!!

He is faithful!

We went to buy gifts this afternoon, I know it's late already, but then it's better late than never. The church Christmas party will be next Sunday and that's when we usually give gifts for our godchildren and friends. It's been a tradition here to give gift to your godchild every Christmas and since Rudolf has been a full time worker of the church for a long time he has many many godchild there whom all has been automatically became my godchild when I married him.

We were actually contemplating if we will be able to buy gifts for them this year, you see, this year was the most expensive year so far in our married life and really there is no budget anymore for the gifts but God is good and faithful to his servants, he wants us to bless the kids and so He provided.

I'm praying He would provide also for our year end vacation after Christmas, even if it's not as grand as the Outer Banks beach rentals abroad, I just want us to have some good and relaxed vacation so we could rest and be ready for next year's endeavor. But with or without that vacation, God will still make us ready and He will give us whatever we will be needing for the coming year. He has been faithful and He will always be!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kids Christmas Party

Sharing some pictures from our children ministry's Christmas party. We have more or less 100 kids and from the look in their eyes I am so sure they enjoyed the games and the whole party!

The prizes!!! the stuff toys are from the box that Grace sent us from the US, thank you so much again!) The kids loved it!!

Kids from UTB (Under the bridge) performing a song number

And from San Antonio Village (Blue House) A mesmerizing dance number!!

The musical chair game

and the longest line game which was a knock out!! kids took off everything so they can put it in their line, including shoes (not MBT shoes of course), slippers, belts, t-shirts and their bodies!!! haha! It was fun!! loads of fun!!

Tiring yes but at the end of the day, you can say it's all worth it. Again, I want to thank everyone who helped us and to those who are supporting us financially...You all made these kids happy this season!! God bless everyone!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Future Plans

It's the 12th month of the year, it's usually the month where organizations and businesses make plan for the next year.

And me and Rudolf are doing the same, God has been leading us to new directions that started this year, this year was great for both of us and we can't wait for the next year to come.

Greater things are yet to come, my dear husband often tell me that and I believed it in my heart.

Major changes are coming our way next year, as early as now we are discussing his going back to Malaysia for one month and this time I will make sure I'll be with him. Then I am also considering and praying that from there we will go to Singapore , visit Pastor Joseph and stay in my cousins place and see if God has something to do for us there. I'm seeing a lot of travel for next year especially when I am already resigned from my day job, we have to prepare for this and get ready, not only spiritually but emotionally and physically as well, we don't want to get sick while traveling. We can't afford to get medical travel insurance so prevention is best for us.

Did I mention I am planning of quitting my day job? yes, and it is a tough decision to make but I know God's plan is always better than mine.

How about you? have you already made plans for next year? Do you see major changes coming your way? It's sometimes scary but there's Jeremiah 29 :11 so no need to worry. God knows best.

Thankful Thursday -Protection

Laurie has chosen PROTECTION as this week's theme for Thankful Thursday and I am right now so thankful for God's protection over my husband who went to a 3 weeks mission trip in Malaysia. I know the moment he left home that day, God will be his protection, from the bus to the airport to the house where they stayed and to all the places they went to and ministered in the period of 3 weeks God had protected him and brought him home safe and sound and blessed.

And I am thankful that our good God is protecting and looking over my old parents back there in our province, I worry a lot sometimes about them living in there wile all of us siblings are here in the Metro. But God has been faithful to us, providing their every need and protection from illnesses. We will be with them this Christmas and I can't wait to see them again soon which reminds me that I still have to buy gifts for her , well for both of them of course.

How about you? what are you thankful for this week? Share it with us in Laurie's site and be blessed too!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Rudolf is here! So I know you can imagine how happy I was when I saw him last night.

He has many stories about the mission trip, how God talked to him in such a special way when we are having arguments about his extension. How he prayed for me, for us. Their last night at Kota Kinabalu was great according to him, they staged a worship concert for this small church and he said he was so blessed as people are blessed also, and they want them back there next year and someone from that church is paying for their airfare!

He still have loads of stories to share but I have to give him some rest, I notice the dark circles around his eyes last night and I'm sure that's because of lack of sleep and the long trip back home.

I hope to upload some of his pictures soon for us to enjoy. :)

Blessings everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bibu Kids Christmas Party

is happening on the 12th of this month, that's Saturday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. We dropped by at the kids area last night and they're pretty much excited about it, we ask them to prepare a song or a dance number so it would really be fun! This will be the last event we will be having for the fishnets ministry and we will start planning for next year soon. And although this is the last event for this ministry I still have loads of activities to come so yeah there's no need for that fat burner because though there will be lots of foods this holiday there will also be lots of stuff to do. SO many Christmas parties and events to attend to.

Anyways, back to the kids party, we will be having loads of parlor games and right now I'm thinking of more games so if you happen to have something in mind please let me know, I need suggestion on how this party will be more fun than other parties they will go to.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since my last post for Thankful Thursday, not that I don’t have nothing to thank for it’s just that life has been a roller coaster ride for me in the past weeks. As you all know, my husband went to Malaysia initially for ten days mission trip but it became 23 days after much debate, arguments and overseas phone calls. I finally gave in to his extension and somehow I am glad I did.

I am thankful for the test we’ve been trough because of this trip. We both learned a lot and realized a lot of things about us, about our marriage, about God’s leading to us.

I know God did something in Him for this trip and he has become more mature and more sensitive to God’s voice.

While me in my solitude had more time to talk to God, to ponder, to meditate, to cry, to just stare at the ceiling and think.

The mission trip has been hard for both of us but we know in our hearts that our efforts are not in vain.

Visit Laurie of Women taking a stand for more thankful entries.