Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ipod for the husband

I wish I could buy hubby an ipod on his birthday. He’s been praying for one ages ago, as a worship leader, he needs to study new song from time to time and until now he’s still relying to an old cd player and the media player in our computer. He has mentioning he needs a player that is mobile like something he can bring when he go to ministry or to elsewhere. But ipods are expensive. I’ve been looking around for cheap ones and I hope I will be able to buy him one soon. Or maybe I'll get him a good MP4 player which is cheaper of course. What do you think? Just wanna bless hubby on his birthday.

Thankful Thursday-Victory

This week's theme is Victory..and I want to share this old song I used to sing when I was still young..

Victory I have in Jesus Christ
Forgiveness for He was crucified
Fullness in every part of me
Deliverance His life has set me free
I'm reigning with Him upon the throne
And conquering over satan's power below
Living a life with Christ as Lord and King.

I don't remember the lyrics anymore, I hope I got it right..

But it's very true, we have VICTORY because of JESUS. I know I have been victorious over some trials not because I am strong but it's because I have Jesus. One particular thing I am so thankful I have victory over is my being "nearly addicted to alcohol". When I went back to the Lord and repented, He restored me fully and made me victorious over that. He is so great!!

And for this week, I am also thankful for the following;

* Last Sunday's birthday party of our goddaughter Nicole- we love her so much and we her god parents prepared a small party for her. She was so happy and you can see in her eyes how she enjoyed it. She is now two years old.

* For my Brother in laws birthday party too last Tuesday night - I just praise God that even though we are also in need, we can still be a blessing to others, Having two parties in a row means spending money also (we bought the cake for both of them also) , But It's worth it, seeing them happy and enjoying, it's all worth it.

I can't imagine the loads of food I had too, good thing I am still not resorting to diet pills. Just have to remind my self to do more exercise.

* For the lesson I have learned with regards to married life this week- This one I am really thankful for because I know money can't buy you lessons learned. Life is too short to spend over petty quarrels. I realized that after reading a wife's story who lost her husband eight months after their marriage. And guess what? God send me that email right at the very moment when I was so mad to hubby. God is so AMAZING!!

Anyways, for more thankful hearts visit Lynn of Spiritually unequal marriage. Join us too!