Monday, October 7, 2013

Thankful Monday #2 - Husband

It's the first day of the week!! and here's my thankful list :)

1. For the joint worship service yesterday. Once every two months, we have this joint worship service in our church (for the Metro Manila areas) and it is always so good to worship the Lord with all your brothers and sisters in the Lord!

2. The fellowship and bonding we had last night over a burger and a cup of coffee :) Thankful of my friends :D

3. For the good weather-which means no heavy rain, no flooding and no disasters.

4. Thankful for my health, though is not ideal and I am still overweight, in fact a plus swim wear might not fit me (good thing I am not into swimwear) but still I am grateful that I am healthy as well as my my husband.

5. and I want to shout at the TOP of my voice how thankful I am for my husband!!!!! He is not a good preacher, nor the best in worship leading BUT He loves the Lord first and foremost and he fears GOD, and for that I will always be his proud wife :)

God bless everyone!! May we all have a thankful heart!!