Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VBS postponed, meeting and change

The VBS schedule will not push through as planned, most of the kids will still be on the school on that date (April 4-8)so we have to move it on another date. I heard it will be on 3rd week of April. Our ministry team will meet tonight and I guess that will be on the agenda.

I was talking to a team mate over yahoo messenger a while ago and we had a nice talk about what’s going on and what’s needed to do with the ministry, honestly, I needed that kind of discussion and I need more. I needed to push my self and encourage my self and motivate my self to do my best and not become frustrated to what was not being accomplished. And we both conclude that it’s time to shift although we know that it’s not as easy as changing channels or having a wii remote controller but I agree, it’s time we do shift or revamp or change whatever that word is.

And I like that we will change for the better, we will change to serve the community better and maximize the potentials of each of us and really work as a team.

Friday, March 25, 2011

rest and vitamins

The last thing we need at this point of time is to get sick, that's why Rudolf started taking his vitamins again (he's coughing hard for few days now) and I know I need the best multivitamin for women too because number one, I bleed excessively (have not been taking iron supplement for a month now) second, I always always sleep late, earliest would be 1:00 in the morning and  third, last week I started feeling dizzy for few times in a day so it's time to take supplements. Rest is still at the far end of the line ( I don't see it yet) so it's best to just feed and nourish this body so it can keep up to whatever I am doing now.

But don't worry friends and families..I will take some REST after all these activities of mine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VBS 2011 The Lost World

This is what's keeping me busy (super) this month, last Saturday I attended the training with six of our young people who are being trained for Sunday School Teachers. We will have three VBS for LJBC outreaches this year so imagine how busy the teachers will be and so am I. Good thing I have delegated the tasks already. My hands are more than full this summer. In between those VBS I still have a wedding and a 7th birthday with only weeks apart. Do you think I still need a hcg shots for weight loss with those activities..nah.I think whether I like it or not I'll lose some weight this summer :)

For those of you who lives nearby the address stated above, you might want to send your kids and experience a week long Vacation Bible School, please contact us and we will gladly welcome them. It's FREE!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Imagine this- non stop praising ad worshiping the Lord with thousands of God's children. Don't miss it!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Basic Classroom Management for Sunday School Teachers

Our church has an ongoing training for Sunday School Teachers and Assistant, this is being held every Saturday from 1:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. Most of the attendees are young people from 14 to 20 plus years old. I praise God for these young people who have heart to teach kids about God.

I was assigned to teach last Saturday and my topic is “Basic Classroom Management” I compiled tips from my own experience when I was still in the Academe and from the tips I got over the internet . I surfed endlessly last week hoping i could find one ready material (well I happen to search for liftmaster garage door opener parts too) anyways, here’s what I come up to :

1. Arrive Early - I told them if you’re going to be a teacher, you need to be at your classroom at least 15 minutes before the kids arrive.

2. Class Schedule - Just like teaching kids at a regular school, I follow a schedule.

3. Set rules (i.e, no littering, no talking, etc..) - One kid in my class wrestle with other kids most of the time, so I made a "No Wrestling" rule. You can always make rules that best fit with your class.

4. Be consistent - if you have rules then make sure you are consistent in disciplining them

5. Don’t talk too much (activity) - younger kids have a very short span of attention and you can't keep talking an talking, they'll get bored. They need to do something that's why activities are important, (crafts,coloring,drawing)

6. Seating arrangement - If you would like to be more organized you can have seat plan, like what I did with my class I put the older kids at the back because the younger ones needed more attention.

7. Look in the eye - It makes them feel that you are confident with what you are teaching and you connect with them.

8. Lesson plan (read/pray the whole week) - Never go in front of your class without lesson plan and ready. This one is very important, everyone needs to get ready and you can't get your teaching materials ready in one night.

9. Visual Aids -They remember lessons when you use visual aids and it keep them entertained while listening.

10. Do not chat with your assistant teacher (personal)- I said "do not talk about personal stuff in your life with your assistant where the kids can hear you (I observed this from new and young teachers that's why I put this one up)

11. Never leave a classroom full of kids - you'll never know what's gonna happen when you go back to your room.

12. Rewards and Appreciate - Because kids love prizes and it motivates them, a pat in the back, a "very good" mark in their paper work makes them happy and makes them want to go bak the next Sunday :)

I hope this would somehow help Sunday School ministers out there and I hope I was able to impart something to our future teachers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beat Poverty Through Education

I believe in that slogan so much that is why my advocacy in our ministry is in the Education Program. It is sad to know that the poor in this country of mine stay poor because of lack of education.

How can they land a nice paying job when they didn't even finish high school? some didn't even finish elementary school? How do you expect companies to hire them?  How could they apply for an office job even if it's only a clerk and earn a minimum wage if the very first requirement is a college graduate?

So they end up getting the jobs that needs no college diploma- and what is that? a food server in a small canteen, a sidecar (pedicab) driver? where you earn not even half of what you need for the day?

And not only that-because they are not educated and know nothing or little about family planning or anything about reproductive health -some in desperate move to get out of poverty ends up selling their bodies for money and then get pregnant at a very young age, and then the cycle repeats again.

I am praying we can at least give them better chance to uplift their lives, there are poor young teens that wants to finish school but poverty hinders them much. If we help them finish school, we are giving them a level playing field not only for job hunting but in life . We are giving them hope that life can get better, we are helping them lift their morale and aspire for better future for their families.

You don't have to be rich to send a child to school, my friends who are supporting this cause are regular employees and do not even have extra money but they do share. If once in a while you eat in Jolibee or Mcdonalds or KFC or Mang Inasal..for sure you are able also to help these kids finish school.

Call International Teams at 832-5142 if you are want to help :) and please know also that we have a dinner fund raising night on May 20. Let me know if you are interested. God bless everyone!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I do not have any antique collection and I don’t think I would have one in the future because well antiques are expensive. But I will have antique furniture someday and that is my mom’s pillow cabinet? I do not even know how to call it but it’s where we stack our pillows, and it’s antique as it was formerly owned by my grandparents. I would like to have that piece in my own house someday, it’s like I’m having a piece of our family history and I love it.

Speaking of antique, for those who have them and wants to restore it you can  have antique hardware reproductions and restoration at houseofantiquehardware.com. I visited the site and found very nice door and window antique accessories. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not feeling well

 This evening when I came back from the office I immediately ask my husband to rub me some muscle pain ointment and massage my head because it is hurting so bad plus I am coughing so hard. I don't feel well but I cannot afford to get sick. Medicines and doctor's check up is out of our budget right as we have already drained whatever we can drain in our recent trip. In times like this I wish I availed a Medicare plan that would cover all our medical expenses including regular check-ups. :(

But since I have none, I guess I have to take extra care of my health. I don't know where I got this cold and cough.

Please pray it would go away soon.