Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

 I missed Thankful Thursday last week which is sad because it is always good to give thanks and share to others what God has been doing to your life. Thanksgiving also means giving back the glory to God!

So for this week I am thankful for the following :

1. A cute dinosaur mascot  visited our kids ministry. seeing the happy faces of the kids and how they delight on the coloring books and the's all worth it. I will never get tired doing the kids ministry because their smiles and hugs is very therapeutic.

2. We ventured into a small food business. and we are excited about this. It's Nasi Goreng (Malaysian version of fried rice) with Filipino twist. It's like rice in a bowl with toppings. We are just starting but we heard good feedbacks already. Praise God!!

one of our delicious bowl

What are you thankful for this week? Share it to us at Lyn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage  and be blessed!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chummy Chum-the cute dinosaur visit Fishnets!

I chanced upon this foundation during one of my blog hops, saw the colorful van and the cute dinosaur. I immediately visited their website and left a message there. I asked if they could also come to our feeding ministries and to my surprise Ms. Rowena called me a few days after and scheduled us for three Saturdays!! What a great blessing for the kids!! You can see they enjoyed Chummy chum so much :) And oh the popcorn and cotton candy are delights to them. Thank you Chummy Chum!!

the kids and the adults alike loved him, the center was jam packed with 100+ kids, we surely needed dehumidifier that time. 
 Chummy chum gave them coloring books as well!
and us with the colorful van!

Monday, June 28, 2010

No Voice @ the moment

It’s been a week since my last post. Where have I been? Nope I didn’t go somewhere but life has just been busy with lots of stuff. And I think God wants me to stop at some point. Right now, I feel he just wants me to listen and linger at His presence.

I lost my voice (for two days now) and I know God is trying to say “please stop whatever you are doing and rest in me. I do not need your hard work but what I need is you”

So, for the time being until I gets my voice back. I’ll be very quiet and I hope to spend much of this quiet time with my Lord too.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We've been planning this for quite sometime now and Praise God for the provision of everything, we did it finally this month. And I can say that, it's worth it, the time, money and effort spent. We learned new things, we discussed the weaknesses and strength of the team, we bonded and I believed in my heart that at the end of the day we came out stronger and united-exactly the goal of the team building. here are some of the photos.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Blog List

I have so much to blog. So many pictures to post but I don't think I can not do it until tomorrow night. But I'm noting down a list here before just so I won't forget.

1. The Fishnets ministry had team building last week and it was great! So I'm going to make a post about it.
2. A cute dinosaur mascot named Chummy Chum has visited our Kids Ministry in LaPaz last Saturday. Will post that too.
3. Today, I attended the Womens' Conference that was organized by the women of our church and I was so blessed!! I wanted to write a whole post about it also.

I really have to practice a good time management otherwise I will be more backlog in blogging.So right now after reading about door chimes, I'll go and sleep early for me to wake up early tomorrow morning for the Sunday Service.

Always remember guys..that GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Iris of Grace Alone talked about music today in her Thankful Thursday post. She said music is huge part of her life and I can totally relate, my husband being the worship leader in our church and me as one of the back-up singers, music has played a big role in our personal and spiritual life. And today I am thankful for this one particular song that never fails to bring me back to God's love every time I feel like I'm moving away from Him. Thank you Lord for your  

(Kathy Troccoli)

Caught again. Your faithless friend.
Don't You ever tire of hearing
What a fool I've been?
Guess I should pray,
But what can I say?
Oh, it hurts to know the hundred times
I've caused You pain.

The "forgive me" sounds so empty
When I never change.
Yet You stay and say, "I love you still,"
Forgiving me time and time again.

It's Your stubborn love
That never lets go of me.
I don't understand how You can stay -
Perfect love embracing the worst in me
How I long for Your stubborn love.

Funny me.
Just couldn't see
Even long before I knew You,
You were loving me.
Sometimes I cry -
You must cry, too
when You see the broken promises
I've made to you.
I keep saying that I'll trust You
Though I seldom do.
Yet You stay and say You love me still,
Knowing some day I'll be like You.

Car Dilemma

Our motorbike is our only means of transportation and most of the time we often use it for ministry purposes, just recently, my husband bought new set of tires for it, But it is very frustrating that after a few weeks of using the new tires, the interiors has to be replaced again because we often have flat tires. And if you are in the middle of the road and no vulcanizing shop in sight it can be very frustrating I tell you.

We do want a car because it is more safety but we can not afford it. Do I pray for a car?, Definitely yes and I know God will honor our prayer someday soon. As a matter of fact. we already have the kind of car we want, we don’t need too much car accessories but hubby will surely want some good car grilles or spoiler or mugs. But right now, we have to settle for our motorbike. I hope the new interiors will last longer until such a time that we can afford to buy new ones.


"Are you in the midst of a disaster? 
Find God's word regarding your situation, and hold on to it with cheerful courage, knowing that in the end, the storm will not hurt you."

Source : Make your day count devotions for women

Monday, June 14, 2010

Using Home Depot Coupon Codes

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 Home Depot is a popular store for professionals as well as homeowners who need supplies for their home or work projects. While buying the materials and doing the work yourself is definitely cheaper, there are ways that you can save even more money on your purchases from this store. You can use Home Depot coupon codes when shopping online to help you save money that you wouldn't otherwise be able to save in stores. They are also great for people who don't have a Home Depot in their area but still want to make purchases there.

 Using this type of code is easy--you just have to know where to find them and how to apply them to your purchases. Often, the store's site itself will have offer codes that you can enter into a specified field as you check out. Or, there are websites that list coupon codes from a variety of online retailers for you to use. These codes are typically a combination of words and numbers, like "25OFF." Once entered, the savings are automatically applied to your cart. Once you find a coupon code that you want to use, just copy and paste it into the field as you check out. It's important to make sure that you read the limitations, as there are often exclusions, and make sure to use the code by the expiration date.

Five Rules to Keep Your Above Ground Pool Safe for Children

An above ground pool is a great way to enjoy summer weather. Just because it's fun for you doesn't mean it isn't a dangerous place for kids. Nearly 300 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools each year in the U.S. In the sunniest states, Arizona, Florida and California, drowning is the most common cause of accidental death among children in that same age group.

Think back to the first time you saw a swimming pool as a child. Remember how it glimmered and rippled, how it reflected and enticed? A swimming pool is a child magnet. Memories of good times spent poolside make children forget the dangers. A serene, placid surface beckons them. Floating toys belie the peril. To prevent a tragedy from occurring in your above ground pool, there are a few common sense rules you should follow.

1. Don't leave children unattended in the pool area. That is the most important rule. Attended means an adult or lifeguard is supervising them, not merely in attendance or napping nearby.

2. Teach your kids to float on their backs as early as possible. Show them how to relax and stay above water. Teach them to tread water with the dog paddle stroke.

3. While you're away from home, keep trespassers out of your above ground pool by building a tall fence with a locking gate. Most insurance policies require this for homeowner policy coverage.

4. Keep a life preserver or other flotation device poolside. A poolside phone connected to a landline is also a good idea, in case of emergency.

5. Clear the pool area at night. Remove all toys and balls. If your pool has a portable staircase, remove it tool.

These few rules and some vigilance will keep your above ground pool safe for all the children in your neighborhood, not just your own.

Friday, June 11, 2010

LJBC @ 27 : Church Anniversary


Praying for the newly ordained Pastor
 The worship team
 The Sunday School Kids
The youth with their very dramatic presentation

 Part of the congreagation
 another presentation from the youth

 Our Spiritual Director Pastor Gani Sison


Monday, June 7, 2010

Anniversary Blast!!!

We had a blast in our church anniversary yesterday. The heavy rain woke us up and immediately I said ..”oh Lord..thank you for the rain of blessings upon us”. I also thought few people would come because of the rain but I was wrong. It was more than we expected. It was nice to see familiar faces, as I have said it was two years ago when we last did this kind of celebration.

And the special numbers each outreach prepared is also very very entertaining And encouraging. A group of women interpreted a song. It was a delight to see a family performing for the Lord. The father singing, daughter on the bass guitar, son on the drums and another son on guitar. It was lovely!!

Everybody went home happy, encouraged and blessed. Praise God for another year, Praise God for the smooth flow of the program and despite the heavy rain we thank God that no one got sick, no one needed an allergy relief medicine and or no one was hurt.

Looking forward to seeing them all again next year!

P.S. Will post pictures later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Church Anniversary

tomorrow! and everyone is excited.. it's our church 27th founding year and we are all grateful for HIS faithfulness and goodness in each year. And plus it's been three years since we had anniversary celebration that includes all the outreaches from the provinces. So tomorrow we are expecting a lot of people to come and celebrate with us.

Hubby made us (the worship team) special t-shirts to wear with tuxedo pants? I guess no, no one wears that in celebration like this. The husband also designed the tarpaulin that will be used as backdrop for the stage. He did a good job there. I am so proud of him!

Hope you too will have a nice day at your church tomorrow!!
God bless you!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday - HAPPY KIDS

Welcome to Thankful Thursday and for the month of JUNE, Iris of Grace Alone is hosting.

Last Saturday was our "Back to school : Hygiene Day":  we taught them basic hygiene, we bathe them , cleaned their ears, clipped their nails, gave them free haircut and fed them. before going home, we gave them some stuff they can use at home (toothpaste, bath soap, toothbrush, face towel, and some school supplies)
I thank the Lord for the people who supported this ministry. may the Lord bless your heart with joy and peace forever :) here are the pictures of the happy kids. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010