Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Laurie talked about Family today especially about Fathers. I've got my father looks and yes, when people see me they see the family resemblance and I hope It's the same thing with my spiritual family.

I thank God for my "tatay" (dad), he may not be the best dad in the world but there is no question on how much he loves us, I often hear him telling his friends how good we are ( he's so proud of us all) and I love it. I mean we're not also perfect children but to hear your dad bragging about you that's something. He is quite old now and yet he is still in perfect health, my only prayer is for him to completely receive Jesus and be the Lord of his life.

For this week I am also thankful for the two young missionaries that are serving here in Manila particularly helping us (fishnets) in our ministry.

Liz is from North Carolina and just arrived last Friday and she's so lovely! She will be here for two weeks (praying she'll come back again for a long term) . I can see the Lord in her life, she's a sweet sweet blessing.

Rachel is from UK and is here for the second time. She's working with us in the children and youth ministry. She will be staying for one year here. She has a very generous heart. Beautiful soul. She has a kind heart.

May the Lord bless these young ladies as they continue to serve the Lord!!