Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our TV at home

I know I seldom post about our home here so I wonder if I ever mentioned that we do not have cable subscription and that we own a second hand TV bought at the pier and that we only get three major channels? And to add to that- when you open our tele you might want to blink your eyes hundred times trying to see the images clear but please don't exert effort anymore because yes it is blurry.

I don't mind though because I only watch the evening news, although most of the time all I do was listen to the reporter's voice. I don't want to strain my eyes as it was already tired from the office during the whole day.

So anyways, we are now considering subscribing to a cable company so we can get more channels and clearer views. I do not know if we have Time Warner Digital Cable here but I am hoping we will be able to find the cheapest one.

I have to ask also our phone provider if they can give us cable with the same subscription, you know it would be cheaper right? like the Time Warner Digital that is connected with the Time Warner Digital Phone. Internet, cable and phone at the same time. Hmnn..that sounds good.

We have phone line and internet already so all I have to do is inquire if they can provide cable so I can say goodbye to that three blurry channels soon.