Monday, February 17, 2014

More than flowers

I know I do not have the most romantic husband ever in the whole wide world, you know the one that always gives you flowers and chocolates on valentines day (or any occasion day ) but I do not complain because I am very assured that I am greatly love by him even without those flowers and stuff. Though sometimes, I secretly wish I also have flowers to post on my instagram on Valentine's day, it's normal for every woman I guess.

But as you age, you realized there are more better ways to show you love and you appreciate your spouse, yes, far better than giving flowers and chocolates. 

~Like how my husband is doing the laundry for me today at home while he should be resting because he's taken a leave from work.

~Like how he makes effort to bring and pick me up from my office everyday since we got married (except when he is out of town for mission trips or for office task now that he is working)

~Like, how he strives so hard to provide for our needs, doing what he promised when we exchange vows on our wedding day.

~Like how he stay so faithful and true to me in all sense, true to his feelings, honest with his weaknesses and shortcomings and doing his best to grown and improve.

~Like how he loves  the Lord more than anything else in this world, that alone makes me fall in love with him over and over again. I know it's peculiar but it's true, when I see him on his knees worshiping the Lord with all his being, when I see him singing songs for his creator~ it makes me love him more and deeper. And it reminds me that it was the very reason why I married him.

So yes, I may not always have flowers on valentines day but true love is more than flowers and chocolates, I hope our young girls will be more wiser when it comes to choosing  their lifetime partner and not base it on who gives the most beautiful and expensive gift on special occasion. I hope they will be wiser not to depend solely on feelings and emotions because it's not stable and marriage needs a stronger foundation.

This post does not mean though that I haven't receive any flowers from my husband ever since because to be fair, there were several occasions where he gave me flowers too (picture above)  and some material/practical gifts also. And I know if he could he will give me everything I need probably even those simple wants like a piece from Reeds mikimoto selection or maybe even luxuries things if he could but even if he can't I still LOVE him that much.