Monday, April 29, 2013

Fishnets Ministry to Compostela Valley

As part of our youth mission camp, our young people from Metro Manila visited areas in Compostela Valley that was greatly affected by typhoon Pablo last December. Five months after the disaster, you can still feel the anguish, BUT they are rising up, slowly they try to live a normal life.

list of names of the victims, some of the bodies were found but most of them they didn't.

underneath this is a community now covered by stones, the land which was used for a living is now desolate.

A new church building being built, larger that the one that was destroyed by the typhoon. Meaning more people after the disaster are coming back to Christ, their faith renewed and is even stronger. Rise up New Bataan!!!

we distributed school supplies, thank you for those who responded to our call for support. How I wish we could give more but there is still next time.

 God bless all these kids. I pray and hope that someday I'll see you all again!!