Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I had a happy weekend

My husband and I finally had the time and resources to visit my parents last weekend. My other siblings and all my nephews and nieces went home too because of the long holiday so we had a blast! My parents were truly happy to see us.

The company I am working for is a blessing (now, I realized that) I was able to borrow a car that would fit us all and we only shouldered the gas expenses. It's not a luxury car with mercury custom floor mats but it is a nice car and we traveled in comfort.

I am very thankful I chose to go home instead of the couples retreat. The happiness from my parents eyes were priceless.

And I've got to hear my sister who preach again. Last Sunday, she spoke in the church where we grew up as Christians. It was old and small but it was there where I met the Lord and we were called, all of us siblings.

It was a happy rainy weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday-Grace

Today on Thankful Thursday, Laurie of Women Taking A Stand talked about God's grace and love. And I can not agree more. I am so thankful that we  have a gracious God and that His grace is beyond human understanding.

He can love me even when most of the time I am not lovable at all.I walk each day and I sin and I stumble and fall but at the end of the day, He's there, waiting for me and welcoming me with His two big hands. Even now as I write this, I can feel him and hear him say, "it's alright my child"...

Without HIS grace, I am nothing. Thank you so much Lord!!!

And with that, I'm sharing one of my all time favorite song " GRACE ALONE"

Grace Alone
by Scott Wesley Brown, Jeff Nelson

Every promise we can make
Every prayer and step of faith
Every difference we can make
Is only by His grace.

Every mountain we will climb
Every ray of hope we shine
Every blessing left behind
Is only by His grace

Strength unknown He will provide
Christ in us, our cornerstone
We will go forth
in grace alone.

Every soul we long to reach
Every heart we hope to teach
Everywhere we share His peace
Is only by His grace.

Every loving word we say
Every tear we wipe away
Every sorrow turned to praise
Is only by His grace.

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Retreat and going home

There will be a retreat for married couples in our church this coming Sunday spearheaded by the housewives ministry.  I was informed It will be somewhere south (Los Banos, Laguna.)

A lot has already confirmed their attendance and much as I want to come I am uncertain. Monday and Tuesday next week are holidays here and my initial plan was to go and visit my parents whom I haven't seen for 3 months now.

Now, I am torn because we know Rudolf as the worship leader needs to be there and part of me wants to go too. But family should come first. I strongly believe family should be our first ministry.

Sigh. I wish I can be at two places in one time.

Anyways, we are going home and we will see my parents and aside from that, a nephew will be celebrating his 2nd birthday there in the province, so I am excited as well :) Rudolf will design the tarp again and I hope to make some balloon decors too. I just have to make sure we bring all our stuff, box cutter included.

I guess Rudolf and I should have our own retreat in my home province  so when we get back we're fully charged to do ministries again!

Friday, August 19, 2011

LJBC's Water Baptism 2011

Our church (LJBC Global Ministry, Inc) conducted water baptism last Saturday, after months of water baptism seminar, 34 souls from three areas decided to obey and follow Christ. Rudolf and I weren't suppose to come but the last minute we changed our mind. I'm glad we did, I was able to hear testimonies and as always we were blessed to hear how God changed the lives of these people.

There is this one youth who testified that before, he used to snatch stuff from passerby, one youth also said he is like a beggar in the street but now they are all in Christ and becoming his disciples. God is so good indeed and ONLY HIM has the power to change us.

Here's some of the pictures from that big event :)

For more pictures visit our facebook page :)

Raising Funds for our Scholars

Two more months and the first semester will be over, on October our college scholars will be needing huge amount again for their tuition fees. And 2 of them have 2 more semesters to go and they'll soon graduate! (excited much!)

I don't want them to stop schooling because we can no longer help them with their school expenses, so please my dear friends, readers, co-bloggers and passerby, help us raise funds for them for the two remaining semesters.

I created a chip in widget for those who have paypal account (it's on the sidebar of this blog) for easy way of donating. If you can spare a dollar or whatever amount, that would be of big help for sure.

And if you have friends and acquaintances who would want to help too, please tell them about this cause. Below is the poster I previously made for everyone to see who are our scholars.

May the Lord bless you a hundredfold in return!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Praying for a laptop

I've been wanting one since I started blogging but it's only now that I am seriously praying for it. I've been using an old desktop, which I think was bought from refurbished computers shop few years ago. It was ok for me then since it's almost brand new but it's been 4 years. I think it has already served its purpose.

A laptop or a notebook will be more reasonable for me and the ministry, there are two major event I am planning for next year but we are still praying for it. I'm sure it would be of big help for me and Rudolf.

Plus, the space this desktop occupying in our small house is quite big and if we have a laptop, I can use the space for other stuff.

Please help me pray for it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Philippians 4:13

Do you sometimes think you can't do it? Oftentimes, I do..Praise God I am reminded of Philippians 4:13.

Image source : Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ministry and personal updates

It has been quite a long time since I updated this blog about what’s happening to me and Rudolf and the ministry we are involve with, and I guess it's about time.
So, to start with;
Rudolf – there is a  BIG CHANGE  in Rudolf’s life now, he started working in the same company where I work for just this week. I feel both happy and apprehensive about it. Happy because I can see how he desired to help me financially thus he decided to apply for a work that would at least give him a regular income. I feel hesitant because I know he has been called to serve, but he assured me though that he will still serve even if he is working now in the secular company. His work requires him to be out I the street driving most of the day so please remember him in your prayers, pray for protection as he is exposed in his motorcycle most of the time. I'm thinking of getting him an insurance and a health card soon, don't know if joining a roadside assistance club would do him good too.

As of today, he is still the Music ministry leader of our church. And for few months now, he is burdened to serve with the youth ministry and I guess that is where he will be in the next months. Last Sunday he also gave a short talk in the youth fellowship.

Me- The Education ministry of Fishnets is my focus right now. As you all know, we currently have 5 scholars, three of them in college and two in high school. Next year, I am praying to accommodate more deserving students. Please pray for more sponsors that would be willing to help us with this ministry. If we have more sponsors, the more youth can benefit from this program.

And that would be all for now, thank you for being part of our ministry and for praying for us always. God bless everyone!