Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I had a happy weekend

My husband and I finally had the time and resources to visit my parents last weekend. My other siblings and all my nephews and nieces went home too because of the long holiday so we had a blast! My parents were truly happy to see us.

The company I am working for is a blessing (now, I realized that) I was able to borrow a car that would fit us all and we only shouldered the gas expenses. It's not a luxury car with mercury custom floor mats but it is a nice car and we traveled in comfort.

I am very thankful I chose to go home instead of the couples retreat. The happiness from my parents eyes were priceless.

And I've got to hear my sister who preach again. Last Sunday, she spoke in the church where we grew up as Christians. It was old and small but it was there where I met the Lord and we were called, all of us siblings.

It was a happy rainy weekend.

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