Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking for a house for rent

...not for us but for our Pastor and his family.

because he was given only fifteen days (from June 6) to vacate the church property, we are now in  a hurry, they only have 5 days left :(

For specifics, probably near San Isidro and Palanan because the kids are in school. They actually have a house in Bulacan but they can't leave the city because of the ministry and their kids.

We've been scouting and searching for days now but to no avail. But we know that God will not let them live in the streets :) and if that is what the enemy wants, well I'm sorry to say God will not let that happen.

So please if you know of a house or an apartment for rent just inform me ASAP. They're not picky, even if it is an old house (at this time they won't look for anything else such as if the wires or hoses are teflon hose or not, as long as it can accommodate them and the kids, it's gonna be fine with them.

Thank God it's Friday :)

Because that would mean no office for two days. Hooray for the weekend! 

There are few things I want to be excited about this weekend (besides from not going to work) On Sunday will be our first ever formal worship service with our new church name (pending registration though)but still i want to be excited about it. The last two weeks are pure chaos and pains and worries and I'm looking forward to worshiping with my brothers and sisters in Christ again. It's been a long time.

Also on Sunday afternoon, we will attend a Mcdonald birthday party for our godchild. We will make some balloon arrangement too for her. It is such a busy weekend and no time for grieving to what have happened, it's time to move on and start forgetting the past. It won't be easy but at least we will start now. The only problem I see this weekend is our home chores specially the laundry. How I wish I have tons of clothes ( would love to have  rj classics apparel too)and that it won;t be a problem to us even if we don't launder for at least two months..hahaha! lazy me :)

What are your plans this weekend? Are you also excited for your Sunday worship service?