Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Musical Instruments-Blessings

In a span of one month, the Lord has blessed the band so much, indeed He only wants us to take that step of faith. Neil our keyboardist was able to have that module for his keyboard. Michael, our bassist has new 6 string bass guitar! And now we are praying for a drumset for Ramon, maybe a second hand will do, he doesn't care that much if it's a Dynasty Percussion brand or not but as long as it is something he can bring to our events.

The SELAH band started the worship events just last February and we are all amazed how God has been blessing us, both of spiritual and material blessings. Our Cebu trip is one proof that God is faithful and is  our great provider.

But guess what, more than the material blessings, what makes my heart jump for joy are the feedbacks and comments of people we doesn't even know, people who worshiped with us, to hear that they really felt the move of the Holy spirit and that they were able to worship and experience God during worship time is more than enough for us to continue what we are doing.

Thank you Lord!!!