Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye Winters

This morning Laura and Sue Winter, flew back to England, last night Rachel Winter went ahead of them. They stayed here in Manila for three weeks and helped us in Fishnets ministries. They were in the feeding ministry, they were also involved in the carnival fair for the kids, and Sue did a talk on nutrition and healthy foods. Laura and Rachel attended youth services, shared their testimony and did a lot of things.

I did not have the chance to see them this morning because our motorbike is broken and we were late so it’s quite sad but we will see each other again soon.

It is always nice when we received visitors from other countries, they got to experience our culture and we on the other hand have a glimpse of theirs.

Last night, they tried to eat balut. (one of the exotic food here in the Philippines). For the duration of their stay here, they ate rice for every meal. They had potatoes for breakfast and a lot more weird and wonderful experience they will never forget.

Surely, we will miss you all. We will wait for your next visit. We love you.

Radar detectors

I wish there is some kind of radar detectors that can detect that you are loosing your PR so you can make necessary steps to not lose it at all. You know like the way they are being used by motorists to detect if they are over speeding or not so they will not be issued a ticket.

And don't you wish you have also radar detectors for trials and problems coming in your way so you would know what to do and you could have at least prepared for it? That would be nice right?

You know I  feel a bit sad of losing this blog's PR but blog life has to go on. I'm positive I'm going to get it back soon.