Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Parties

It’s parties here and there here in my part of the world. I am looking at my December month desk calendar and so far I have 9 Christmas parties to attend to not including the family gatherings. God bless me with the food I’ll be gorging up this month. Filipinos are food lovers and I am one of them.

There is this one party (FISHNETS Christmas Party) that I am looking forward to because it will be special, we are going out and we are now picking up on the kind of restaurant we will dine out. I am hoping for a not so expensive but classy restaurant, (one with light music and quiet and yes with POS systems of course, we need the receipts eh :) but those we do not frequent to during ordinary days and because this happens only once a year we want something special. I am suggesting this one restaurant that offers “eat all you can” but is not pricey, you just have to book early because it is always full and it’s quite far with our place.

It’s very Christmassy here now and I can smell the food.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching up with old friends

It's holiday here today (National Heroes Day) that's why I was able to go out and see old friends from the Christian School where I first taught. My first real job after college. I only stayed a year but I have established a long lasting friendship with my co teachers. Time and distance separated us for quite a while but Praise God for social networking sites, many years after here we are spending time and catching up.

And oh we did talk a lot, the girl in the restaurant kept on coming back to us for our orders and we keep on saying we'll just call you, we kept on talking and reminiscing the good old days, of course we did talk about our present life too and yes, they asked how I became this big :) nope we didn't talked about acsonix reviews but we talked more about babies, pregnancy and future plans.I even went home with an early Christmas gift :) It was such a lovely time. I just hope we can do it again.

Thank you Lord!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jollibee Treat

Meet Jollibee- the most famous bee in the Philippines. he is one of the most sought mascot in a children's party. Every kid here in my country knows him and dream of being with him everyday well, others are afraid at first but as they grow older they all learn to love him. But eating in Jollibee's store can be quite expensive especially for the poor, and so they satisfied them selves just by looking at him on television and print ads.

But last week, a good soul chose to celebrate her birthday with the poor kids and we praise God that the Lord sent her to our kids. They are so happy!! They were given the chance to not just look at Jollibee but eat inside the store, play with him and they took home lots of give aways and prizes!!
 (uh-oh, I think Jollibee needs a glucosamine sulphate supplement already, I hope he didn't get hurt)

Event like this inspired us (volunteers) to keep on serving these kids and the Lord. See the twinkle in their eyes? And the smile? I love it!!

I pray there will be more good hearts out there who will share their blessing with these less fortunate kids. Thank you so much again in behalf of the whole Bituing Bulilit (Little Star) Children's Ministry of FISHNETS. And to our volunteers -Thank you so much also..I know it is not easy but no one is complaining. Major applause to all of you!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Girls/Guys talk

I know it’s only us girls that can talk and talk for hours about almost every beauty product available in town. Well, it’s just like guys can talk about cars and gadgets for a lifetime. But at least now, if you have no one to ask about a certain beauty product, you can just consult internet and presto! You can get reviews and suggestions and opinions of other women like you.

So if you want to know what is the best face wash for acne? And your husband doesn’t know a thing about it. No problem. Sit back and click and you’ll get what you need to know. :)

The wonders of the internet technology.

Thankful Thursday-Thanksgiving.Parents

Laurie of Women Taking a Stand is still hosting this week and next month we will all meet at Iris site.

It's Thanksgiving day today in America and maybe some part of the world I think is also celebrating this day. Facebook is flooded with many thankful post. Grateful hearts are overflowing and I am sure the Lord is happy. I just wish we all learn to practice gratefulness through out the year. And for the Thankful Thursday ladies..let's keep on thanking HIM..everyday!!

Today I take time to thank the Lord for the long life He has given my parents. I have just been into a funeral service and I can't imagine my parents being gone so I am super thankful that up to now they are still with us and they are still healthy. We still have time to let them know how much we love and appreciate them. Thank you Lord.

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone! It is also a long weekend here and I hope you all spend great time with your family.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friends are Friends Forever

It's one of my favorite friendship song. The chorus of the song goes like this;

"And friends are friends forever
If the Lord's the Lord of them
And a friend will not say never
'Cause the welcome will not end
Though it's hard to let you go
In the Father's hands we know
That a lifetime's not too long
To live as friends"

And I am thankful I have friends. And I am not the type who forget old friends. I keep them and I cherish them even if I gain new ones.

I actually am posting this because of friends I'll be seeing this weekend, we only see each other once a year in our "annual sleep over" but we managed to stay close even we are separated by distance. The friendship we built years ago was built in solid foundation and for that I am thankful. It maybe a long trip for me to see them again, going back to where we all met and became friends (where there is a need for cell booster antenna because it's quite far )can be tiring but I will not think twice of going because at the end of the day I know I can say it's worth it. Can't wait for the weekend!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

For the husband (hoping)

I am really praying I can give my husband a gift that he so desire to have this Christmas and that is none other than iPod. I actually browse over the ads for Black Friday sale and I saw one that cost a hundred and forty five dollar. It is 8gb, 6th gen, and touch screen and I know in my heart my husband will love it. I’m still looking and hoping I can find a good deal from Cyber Monday deals maybe one that is cheaper but is as good as the first one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make someone HAPPY this CHRISTMAS

Are you done with your Christmas Shopping? Finished putting up your tree? (yes, here in my country it's that early) Done with your christmas wreath? Now, don't you think it's time to share some blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters? I know the joy you get when you share is lasting and is deep. No amount of money can buy that.If you are too far to join us, you can find someone you can make happy from there in your place this season. Go to the streets, give food to kids out there, give toys, or better yet invite him to spend Christmas with you. I am sure he will be forever grateful!!

Busy Month.

December is always the busiest month for me, with all the Christmas parties we have to attend plus a lot of friends are having events with this month. Right now, I have 8 parties/events lined up in my calendar.
Along with the parties of course are food and December has always been the month where we all gain weight because of the holiday food! I can imagine my self eating and enjoying all the food this month. And then thinking of how to lose all the weight gained after gorging..haha! I know many of us are into that dilemma. Good for those who can take diet pills but for me who can't it is not a very nice scenario. 

Anyways, for those who are taking diet pills, just make sure you know all the side effects if there is,like if you're taking  phentermine you should know about phentermine side effects. Be informed, read the labels and reviews and know the facts.

But for me, I'll enjoy all the foods first and will think about losing weight later.After all it only comes once a year :)

Thankful Thursday

I miss Thankful Thursday posts!! This month, Laurie of Woman Taking A Stand is hosting so if you want to join us, visit her site and link there.

I know most of Thankful Ladies will be talking about Thanksgiving which is happening next week, how I wish we have that here too.

But this week I am so thankful for a lot of things. The past three weeks that I have not been joining this meme was one of the toughest weeks I had this year.

* I had severe ear infection in both ears, fortunately one after the other. Praise God my ears are doing fine now.

* I also had tough days in work ( toughest was the day when I cried in our office bathroom) - I was there sitting in was crying out to God. Praise God for the ever present comfort we can have in our Father.

* Our finances was down also- bills have to be paid (all of them has given us for disconnection notice) but I am thankful and praising Him because none was disconnected -He is providing for our every need.

* On happy thoughts- I am thankful for the kids event we will be having this Saturday- a mini carnival for 135 SPECIAL Children. Thanking HIM for the provision for all the needs for this ministry.Thanking Him for a dedicated team that is willing to serve and is giving their best effort.

Sorry for my long list. How about you? what are you thankful for this week?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toys and Groceries for them

Christmas is just around the corner, in fact everywhere you go you can see Christmas decors all around you. The mall, the streets and the houses are all shining with different Christmas lights.

I know Christmas means giving and with this, I would like to knock in your hearts my dear readers if you have extra gifts or blessings you want to share please share it with us.

Our kids in the ministry will be having their annual Christmas party on December 04 and we will be giving them toys and groceries for their family as our gift to them. These kids belong to the poor families and I know they need this.

If you have extra hundred pesos or even if it is not an extra money, you might want to forego buying an acne cream, or a cup of coffee from starbucks ( I know the Lord honors those who give even if it hurts- remember the lady who give cents but Jesus noticed it because she gave her all?) The Lord will bless you in return!!

You can message me if you want to give toys or any grocery item. (noodles,canned goods, toiletries)

Let’s make someone happy this Christmas.


Monday, November 15, 2010

A call to Anguish

I do not know with you but this has been speaking to me since last night. I hope a lot will have the chance to hear this so I am sharing.

You can hear the whole sermon in you tube.

Friday, November 12, 2010

20 years and still praying

My father stopped smoking cigars years ago and recently he decided to stop drinking liquors also. And I am the happiest in his decision. When we went home to visit them few weeks ago, he joined us in prayer and we held hands together. I’ve been praying for my father since I become a Christian and it’s been more than 20 years. I admit there are times that I doubted if I would still witness him accepting Christ but I am holding on to God’s promise in his word that “me and my household will be save”

And seeing those little changes going on with my father I have high HOPES. He will accept Christ as his personal Savior before God take him away. I am certain of that.

To GOD be all the GLORY!!

Thank God it's Friday


I always do that during Fridays because I  look forward to weekends but today I say it with all my heart because work  (and life in general) has been tough this last week. And I really can't wait for the work week to be over.
And even if I don't see  much rest this weekend I still want the change of routine.

At least I can stay late at night, browse and surf, read e-mails (clean my mail box), search for ideas about the upcoming Christmas Party for the Kids in our ministry and even check cheap car insurance available online. I want the weekend because I can do a lot of other things.

How about you? what are you doing this weekend?

Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been a while since my husband and I went to a concert. I usually receive free concert tickets from my boss because of his connection with several entertainment companies. We missed some good shows this year like the one with Darlene Zschech of Hillsong but we are so glad to have been to PASSION Manila where I volunteered.

There is another one coming up this November 19 although this is a local Christian artist but I know he is good too. I'm hoping the husband and I together with the whole worship team will be able to watch it. I think it's like preparation also in our part for the show we have to do in Cambodia if ever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Excited but doubting :(

I really do not want to put my thoughts into words right now but here I am... well, the only reason I don't want to is that i don't want t pass on to any of my readers the negativity (doubt and worries) that is within me. I have been praying and I have been contemplating but still..

The reason?

Someone who believes in us recommended us to play in a nice hotel in Cambodia. They said the management is looking for a Christian Band to perform on the 24 and the 31 of December, mostly to sing Christmas songs.
All expenses paid, accommodation is in their hotel plus some talent fee. Blessings right?

And I know I should be happy and excited and looking forward to it.

But guess what? Both me and my husband are thinking-are we really going? Can we really do it? Can we at least pass their expectations if not with flying colors but at least pass it?

We are just ordinary worship band -that's what lingering in my mind since I heard about it.

But there are people who really believe in us and in the GOD we serve. And I know this has been promised/prophesied to the worship team years ago.

I just wish "doubt" will vanish soon. Please include us in your prayers and please please encourage us....that would mean a lot to us. The husband who is the team leader needs that very much too and I know I should be his number one encourager.


Lord..thank you for this opportunity and sorry for doubting..It is YOU who appointed the time. It is YOU who gives talent. We offer this to you..for your glory and for your honor :)