Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toys and Groceries for them

Christmas is just around the corner, in fact everywhere you go you can see Christmas decors all around you. The mall, the streets and the houses are all shining with different Christmas lights.

I know Christmas means giving and with this, I would like to knock in your hearts my dear readers if you have extra gifts or blessings you want to share please share it with us.

Our kids in the ministry will be having their annual Christmas party on December 04 and we will be giving them toys and groceries for their family as our gift to them. These kids belong to the poor families and I know they need this.

If you have extra hundred pesos or even if it is not an extra money, you might want to forego buying an acne cream, or a cup of coffee from starbucks ( I know the Lord honors those who give even if it hurts- remember the lady who give cents but Jesus noticed it because she gave her all?) The Lord will bless you in return!!

You can message me if you want to give toys or any grocery item. (noodles,canned goods, toiletries)

Let’s make someone happy this Christmas.


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