Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Parents

This week I have so much to thank for,

1. Seeing my parents and seeing them happy- priceless.

2. Being together, all of us siblings, my parents and nephews and nieces. Oh how I missed them all so much!
(see how they're all trying to squeeze themselves in one bed?plus us )

3. Enjoying the food prepared by my mother. She is a great cook and I love how she painstakingly prepare our favorite meal when we are with them.

4. Family- this week I kept thanking God how blessed am I that I have a close family and that we might not be as rich as others but our family is still intact and love each other.

5. I am also thankful for my nails done :) I do get pedicure and manicure very very seldom so I'm thankful i had it this week :)

God is good indeed and my heart is overflowing because of His goodness!!!

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