Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make someone HAPPY this CHRISTMAS

Are you done with your Christmas Shopping? Finished putting up your tree? (yes, here in my country it's that early) Done with your christmas wreath? Now, don't you think it's time to share some blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters? I know the joy you get when you share is lasting and is deep. No amount of money can buy that.If you are too far to join us, you can find someone you can make happy from there in your place this season. Go to the streets, give food to kids out there, give toys, or better yet invite him to spend Christmas with you. I am sure he will be forever grateful!!

Busy Month.

December is always the busiest month for me, with all the Christmas parties we have to attend plus a lot of friends are having events with this month. Right now, I have 8 parties/events lined up in my calendar.
Along with the parties of course are food and December has always been the month where we all gain weight because of the holiday food! I can imagine my self eating and enjoying all the food this month. And then thinking of how to lose all the weight gained after gorging..haha! I know many of us are into that dilemma. Good for those who can take diet pills but for me who can't it is not a very nice scenario. 

Anyways, for those who are taking diet pills, just make sure you know all the side effects if there is,like if you're taking  phentermine you should know about phentermine side effects. Be informed, read the labels and reviews and know the facts.

But for me, I'll enjoy all the foods first and will think about losing weight later.After all it only comes once a year :)

Thankful Thursday

I miss Thankful Thursday posts!! This month, Laurie of Woman Taking A Stand is hosting so if you want to join us, visit her site and link there.

I know most of Thankful Ladies will be talking about Thanksgiving which is happening next week, how I wish we have that here too.

But this week I am so thankful for a lot of things. The past three weeks that I have not been joining this meme was one of the toughest weeks I had this year.

* I had severe ear infection in both ears, fortunately one after the other. Praise God my ears are doing fine now.

* I also had tough days in work ( toughest was the day when I cried in our office bathroom) - I was there sitting in was crying out to God. Praise God for the ever present comfort we can have in our Father.

* Our finances was down also- bills have to be paid (all of them has given us for disconnection notice) but I am thankful and praising Him because none was disconnected -He is providing for our every need.

* On happy thoughts- I am thankful for the kids event we will be having this Saturday- a mini carnival for 135 SPECIAL Children. Thanking HIM for the provision for all the needs for this ministry.Thanking Him for a dedicated team that is willing to serve and is giving their best effort.

Sorry for my long list. How about you? what are you thankful for this week?