Tuesday, September 15, 2009

God's Smuggler

I am currently enjoying this book. I think every missionary should read this one. It's speaking right through my heart. I am actually ashamed on how I am taking for granted the freedom of having the bible, the freedom of worshiping the Lord out loud without worrying of being caught.

Brother Andrew's story of how passionate he was in bringing bibles to churches who needs them most, churches in the closed countries sparked something in me. And God is clearly with him on his journeys, making the seeing eyes blind for his boxes of bibles and providing for his every need. One particular need God met right on time was a cake they needed for tea time. God is so amazing! He provides our every need,whatever you ask if you need it he will give it to you, even cattle supplies and a bed in my case.

Hubby is not into reading but I am encouraging him to read this book. We will need this when it's our time to go in our own mission field.

Running for a cause

I was astounded when I actually read that over 93% of fat burners don’t work. I wonder if the one I used to take years ago was one of those 93%. No question why doctors don’t really prescribe them especially Obstetricians. Of course, the best way to lose weight and burn belly fat would still be exercise and proper diet.

I have taken so many diet pills before and the end result is always me gaining morĂ© weight. It’s like you will lose some and then when you stopped taking the pills you will gain even more. I don’t know I might have chosen the wrong ones so please my dear readers if you want to take some fat burners or diet pills make sure it’s real, natural and that it works.

Anyhow, I have good news though, my friend and I are running for a cause next week. We are joining an event that will raise some funds for cancer patient and will also raise some awareness for cancer. And I am hoping that would be the start of me getting into regular running or walking again.