Sunday, February 27, 2011

Occupied or just lazy?

We haven't moved a thing yet to our new place, worst we haven't started painting the walls. We are supposed to do all that last weekend (Saturday and Sunday) but I was requested to work on Saturday, Sunday after church was spent bonding with Jakob (our newest joy-a dear friend's son) and Rudolf was too lazy na to go and work there late Sunday afternoon.

I do not know when are we gonna finish the re-painting and moving of all our stuff. We are both pretty much occupied during the day. Moving is really not a pleasant thing to do. We are both like someone who wear ankle braces and we can't move. Lol. I admit we are too lazy to do this and I guess we are not both excited anymore for whatever reasons I do not know.

I guess we are currently enjoying living in the mission's house :)

Keep the fire burning!

I am so blessed with what is happening with our youth ministry these days, the concert that took place last Sunday was just the beginning of the "fire" in their hearts and I hope they will keep it ablaze forever. Sure there will be tough times but I do hope everyone gets matured spiritually by then and will not backslide anymore.

Last Friday, I was there at their prayer vigil which was their first for this year and I was in awe and amazement when I heard all their testimonies and thanksgiving. Why wouldn't you be bless when you hear someone speak of his dark days as youth and now sharing how God has been good to him and to his family. I hope that from this group, no one has to stop going to school again, no one has to stow away from their parents, no one has to be involved in drugs, no one has to smoke monte cristo cigars or any kind at all.

But I pray that these young people will become great leaders of our church, of their communities and of our nation. God bless them!