Sunday, February 27, 2011

Occupied or just lazy?

We haven't moved a thing yet to our new place, worst we haven't started painting the walls. We are supposed to do all that last weekend (Saturday and Sunday) but I was requested to work on Saturday, Sunday after church was spent bonding with Jakob (our newest joy-a dear friend's son) and Rudolf was too lazy na to go and work there late Sunday afternoon.

I do not know when are we gonna finish the re-painting and moving of all our stuff. We are both pretty much occupied during the day. Moving is really not a pleasant thing to do. We are both like someone who wear ankle braces and we can't move. Lol. I admit we are too lazy to do this and I guess we are not both excited anymore for whatever reasons I do not know.

I guess we are currently enjoying living in the mission's house :)

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