Monday, December 3, 2012


 I just want to thank God first and foremost for the recovery of my father, we suspect he had series of strokes last weekend and Sunday was the worst (we will confirm later as I'm going to talk to his doctor this afternoon) but praise God he is back to normal now although much weaker than before, well at least he is able to walk albeit very slow and can still speak clearly.

I am thankful also for the people around us ( my 2 boss who are there to lend a hand whenever I need one), One gave me money and the other one lend us  a car so we can go as quick as we can to my father. Friends and church mates who prayed unceasingly for us last Sunday.It meant a lot. I felt all the prayers working.

I also am thankful that our motorbike is now fully paid. Now, we can start pursuing all the many plans we have- House renovation in the province will be our priority this coming year, I wanted my parents to see that house renovated before they are taken by the Lord. It's a big project actually but we plan to do it slowly. I'm excited! ( I want to  buy kitchen cabinets online but I don't think that would be possible). I want to do this as a gift for my parents :D

Thank you Lord- you are good ALL THE TIME!!

 Blessings everyone!