Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Birthday

Hello everyone! I am a bit early for our Thankful Thursday post :) As of this time, Iris doesn't have the post yet at her blog but I'll be checking her blog later.

This week is special because I celebrated my birthday last Monday, and I wanted to share with you how our heavenly Father demonstrated His love for me once again, As I have mentioned before, it was just an ordinary day for me, I didn't plan anything on my birthday, no dinner hosting for friends, no going out with the husband.

But I did pray that morning, I ask God to just show me He loves me that day, I said do something unusual Lord, something that will surprise me (because guess what? I have never ever been surprised in any of my birthday celebrations) and our loving Father just did what I asked. I love HIM!!

When I get home that night, there are friends at home, there are foods and there are even balloons and a cake!! I felt so love and appreciated :) I know it is the Lord showing me He loves me through my friends.

And what surprised me most? nope not the fat burning product but when I found this in our bed..

I am surprised because the husband is not into this, I mean he is not the type who will buy something like this, he gave me flowers before but flowers that are just picked up from somewhere, this is the first arranged flowers and the letter that comes with it is even more surprising!!

I had a wonderful birthday because I have wonderful friends and a very loving husband and all of that because I have a great Father up above!!!


I've been staring at this white blank page for over 30 minutes now. I can't seem to find anything to blog or any interesting thing to write, I have few in my minds which I think is worth it to share but I wanted to include pictures so that have to wait till tomorrow. (I should say later because it's already 2:02 AM)

I think my insomnia is back, I've been sleeping late again these past few days, which is so bad because that means hard time waking up in the morning to be on time at the office. This is when I think most of not having a day job, but I know I cannot still afford that.

Anyways, I've got to look for industrial hand wheels for a while and will try to go to bed soon hoping to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

It's Thursday today so I'll have another Thankful post later! watch out for it!

God bless everyone!