Sunday, April 29, 2012

Volunteers-Our Young People

Our DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) for our outreach church will start tomorrow and will last till' Wednesday. This afternoon 12 young people traveled from Manila to Nagcarlan, Laguna ( approximately 3 hours travel time) and will teach at least a hundred kids about Jesus in this year's outreach DVBS :)

(other volunteers  not in the picture )

We were indeed blessed to have such many young people that have the heart and compassion to reach the lost and share God's love. Young people who serves the Lord and ask nothing in return from the church.  I am a witness on how they love to be used in every opportunity and every chance they might be useful. Thank you Lord.

And oh how I wish to bless them also in return for their hard work and dedication, for their obedience and teachable hearts.

Most of them are our scholars and I really pray we could continue to support their studies this coming school year.  Two of them are graduating college students :) both are taking IT (and most likely jhave some knowledge  about ITIL. Some of them are only high school students and are being use by the Lord mightily. Thank you lord for giving our church such compassionate young people. Please keep them safe.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selah band's prayer request

Maybe you'll ask why we need a laptop, it's because of this...

picture taken at worship nigh in Cavite
see that big bulky monitor? we still bring that to our worship events. The first time we did that I tried to laugh it off and whispered a prayer, Lord bless us a new laptop soon :) Our church is generous enough to let us use the old projector ( not a samsung projector )and the screen for now but someday we plan to buy one for the band also. But with or without those gadgets and technologies, we will worship and we will keep on spreading the fire all over the nations! God bless everyone!

Monday, April 23, 2012

VBS Graduation Day pictures

Awards, certificates and gifts for the kids :)

Entrance and Parade

Special thanks to our volunteer teachers and assistants. God bless you all!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ministry Updates


We are indeed blessed and overwhelmed to what God is doing to this ministry, not only through conducting worship events and leading worship but also teaching about worship. Rudolf was invited to speak in a seminar yesterday and again on June, we will be in the Visayas Region again to lead worship in a Prayer conference and Rudolf will also speak about worship (to which I am so nervous about). I really can't believe that my husband can do that (teaching) but thanks be to God who gives him wisdom.

There are also scheduled worship events on May and we are praying for the album recording and for more open door opportunities for the band.


There is an ongoing Vacation Bible School for the kids this week and there will be another one again on the first week of may, we will also have Summer Reading Camp next month, this aims to help the kids who have difficulty in reading so they'll be able to catch up in the next school year.

We also talked about reviving the pedicab ministry (feeding/teaching of the pedicab drivers) and was supposed to be every Wednesday lunch. I felt that this ministry is a great tool to introduce the Lord to them and of course hopefully they in turn will bring their whole family to the Lord.

Scholarships- there are many young people who approached me and asked me if they can apply for scholarship grants and God knows I wanted to help them all. This year, again we are taking a big step of faith as we aim to have at least 5 college and 5 high school scholars. It's big specially in terms of finances but we also have a big GOD, I'm sure He will provide for these scholars.

To raise funds for them, we will have a dinner concert for a cause on June 1, please include this also in your prayers.


With the new ministry (SELAH) that the Lord has opened up for me and my husband and the band, I felt I needed to leave my day job ( most of the time, we go out of town and I have to leave work for a week or two) I think it is unfair for the company I work for. I'm still asking God for the courage (am so afraid of not having a job and not receiving salary on a regular basis) and when I do leave this job, we have to leave the place we are currently staying so that means we have to go somewhere and rent again and where will I get the money if I don't have a regular job? Stuff like that scares me a lot and I know I still have to learn to TRUST HIM fully. I also covet your prayers for that aspect, that I maybe able to obey the Lord without hesitations and that my heart will trust Him that He will provide for our every need.

We've actually inquired of  houses to rent outside Metro Manila for the rent is cheap there but we have yet to actually see them for ourselves, a small house in a quiet community (I'm not even looking for one with residential steel garage after all it's only our motorbike who'll need a parking space)is what we are looking for.  But I don't know yet if until when I will be able to hold on to this job..although I feel I'm letting go and letting GOD sooner.

That's all for now and till our next ministry update :) God bless you all!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rich Thoughts For The Week

10. Don’t let anyone’s attitude or words distract you. . .or break your focus.

9. If you’ve been forgiven. . .you’re just that. . .forgiven. . .so it’s time to get up and leave the past behind.

8. When you get specific with God…He gets specific with you.

7. Fear is the devil's anointing. "For God has not given (your name) the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

6. If you want to be successful...look for solutions to your problems instead of someone to blame for them.

5. God has given you the ability to perform at a level you never thought possible. He sees a greater potential in you than you see in yourself.

4. You may can hide your thoughts from your spouse, parents, best friend or even your pastor...but you can't hide them from God. Psalm 94:11

3. If your plan for financial freedom includes winning the lottery or Publisher's will always be broke and disappointed.

2. Your future starts today. Visualize it...embrace it...plan for it...confess it...and manifest it.

1. Dress to impress and I’m not just talking about your clothes. Dress your mind each day. . .think carefully about what you're putting in it.

Rich Thoughts - by H. Herring


Our church's annual Daily Vacation Bible School started today, and sad to say that I wasn't there because I have work. I missed the opening day but I hope I can attend the graduation day on Friday, this year our theme is "ONE WAY" and the materials and manuals came from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

We prepared for one hundred kids from 5 to 14 years old but I have yet to get the actual number of kids that showed up. I'm making all the certificates for them on their graduation day.

This year marks the most number of teachers and assistants we have, I guess it's the result of several trainings from the past and the fire from the youth camp is still burning thus the number of youth volunteers increased.

I'm sure I'll be sharing again lot's of photos here. For the meantime, please pray that this vacation bible school will really bring change in the kids life and that this will be an agent for them to follow God. Gotta go now, I'm off from the office work but I'll check this beautiful kitchen compost bin over the net :) God bless you all!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

LJBC Youth camp 2012

Sorry for the long absence of posts here. We were out of town for number of days, I have no internet access for quite sometime and was held up for work last week

But I've got loads of pictures to share from the youth camp last April 1-4. Truly, to see these young people come before the Lord is more than the rewards we the organizer can get. The efforts we all put together was not wasted and we were all the more encouraged to do it again next year. We have 60 campers from 5 LJBC outreaches from which many have shown exemplary leadership skills. I believed REVIVAL has set in was and carried on to their churches. We were pleased to know that the weekend after the camp, the youth conducted prayer and worship in thier churches and they were all on fire! Praise God!!

dinner time
morning devotion
worship time

marble game  (amazing race)

dinner time
Sure we didn't teach them how to repair leather but we hoped they learned a lot better than that, lessons that will guide them and help them as they continue to walk in the Lord :) We had 5 teaching sessions to cover the theme G-for Give, L for Load , O for Obey, R for Redeem and Y for Yes Lord! (G.L.O.R.Y) it is also a preparation for the mission's camp next year! those who said Yes Lord this year will be in a mission exposure next year!! We are all excited for that!

I'm having a hard time posting pictures (due to my connection) but if you want to see more please visit our facebook page : LJBC Global Ministry and look for the youth camp photos :)