Sunday, April 29, 2012

Volunteers-Our Young People

Our DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) for our outreach church will start tomorrow and will last till' Wednesday. This afternoon 12 young people traveled from Manila to Nagcarlan, Laguna ( approximately 3 hours travel time) and will teach at least a hundred kids about Jesus in this year's outreach DVBS :)

(other volunteers  not in the picture )

We were indeed blessed to have such many young people that have the heart and compassion to reach the lost and share God's love. Young people who serves the Lord and ask nothing in return from the church.  I am a witness on how they love to be used in every opportunity and every chance they might be useful. Thank you Lord.

And oh how I wish to bless them also in return for their hard work and dedication, for their obedience and teachable hearts.

Most of them are our scholars and I really pray we could continue to support their studies this coming school year.  Two of them are graduating college students :) both are taking IT (and most likely jhave some knowledge  about ITIL. Some of them are only high school students and are being use by the Lord mightily. Thank you lord for giving our church such compassionate young people. Please keep them safe.


Ugochi said...

I am so inspired by what you are doing, God bless you and these volunteers.

Genskie said...

It's so good to see young people using their time and gifts to honor and glorify the Lord,... God bless you and the young peeps...surely the Lord will say;
Well done my good and faithful servants !!!