Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good sound system and worship

We recently went to a fund raising  concert where we helped in the production team to which I saw their good sound equipment/system. The day  after that concert, it was our church anniversary, while we are setting up our music equipment, I remember the good sound system from the concert and how I wish that our music equipment is as good as that so we can have good sounds too, we can play better because we can hear each other's sounds.

While we  are doing sound check, reality hits me, that all we can hear are feedbacks from microphones and noise because we don't have good sound system like mackie thump speaker. I know it's expensive and our church cannot afford that yet.

As  a worship leader, I always feel the need of having the right and good sound system in the church. One noise and we can all be distracted, while if we can produce good sounds, it might help us   and the congregation focus more.

But  of course, what matter the most, still is our hearts. After all, the Lord listens not to the quality of sounds we produced while we are worshiping but He listens to our hearts. With or without accompaniment, we can still by all means worship God...but then a good sound equipment isn't bad to desire also like what I am desiring for our church to have someday soon.