Monday, October 28, 2013

Youth Team Building

Yesterday is a non-working holiday here and since it was also school's semestral break, I decided to meet the youth leaders of our church and had a team building session with them at the nearby park. I was actually having a very bad headache that time due to colds and cough but a commitment is a commitment.

I focused mainly on the decision making part.

I am only temporarily handling the youth ministry (as something happened to our youth director) and I pray that I will be able to impart something good and positive  to our young leaders. I realized that it is a tough job, I can't actually do it alone so I am also asking help from others and of course from the Lord who is the main source of wisdom and strength.

I can see a lot of potentials with our youth leaders and I pray they'll be better leaders in our church than we are today.

They just need proper guidance ( with all the distraction this world brings, technologies, gadgets, worldly pleasures, even MK jewelry and the like) they all need the guidance they can get. I hope I can give them that during this time that they are entrusted in my care.

It was a happy session, we talked about new plans and we had a lovely dinner afterwards :)

Looking forward for more of this!!