Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Husband

Good morning everyone! It’s Thursday once again and this would be the last of the month, thank you Lynn for hosting this month and next week we’ll all see each other at Iris of Grace alone

Thankful Thursday is a blessing and I want to thank God for leading me into this beautiful community of bloggers. Reading your encouraging comments is a bliss and I look forward to it every Thursday.

And this week I am specially thankful for my Husband. I may not have the best husband if we look into the standards of this world but I tell you, he's God's best for me and I am so thankful that I waited for him.

Many times the pressure of my work and the many hormonal changes in women makes me really tough on him and he's just there accepting me and loving me in the best way he knows.

I can be so demanding at times but he tries his best to be available for me most of the time.

He makes my coffee every morning and prepares my breakfast everyday.And yes this may sound weird but he also prepares the clothes I am to wear to the office everyday.

I am actually making this post for him because I feel guilty :) I was hard on him twice this week and he has been my shock/anger absorber for the longest time now and I just wanna tell him I love him and that I am sorry for all those moods I put up on him.

I am so much thankful that I am blessed with a husband that loves me unconditionally.

PSALM 37:4


Lord, may I find serving you a "SHEER DELIGHT"..may I find contentment in doing your will and not what I want.