Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay positive

(image from facebook)


Yesterday, my Tatay (father) turned 76 years old and my heart is so grateful because he was given another year. And we are all thankful because of the result of his biopsy (which I blogged here). We have yet to see this new doctor but I know and I believe in my heart that indeed it is not cancer.

He received lots of gifts yesterday to his delight. I love that he loved the shirt I gave him (bought it from Bicol where I had a four day trip with  prior to his birthday)

I thank God that we can still give him hugs, kisses and that he is still with us despite being so sick last year. Though his activities are now limited due to his shortness of breath he still tries to at least be active for us. This year he has completely gave up on his normal activities (his locking hex nuts and other tools totally forgotten)but still we are thankful that he can walk on his own with his cane of course.

Last night, I can see that his very happy, with all of us siblings being together for his birthday. He joined me and my husband in dinner and he said he ate much :) And speaking of eating, we had loads of foods yesterday,"lechon" (roasted pig) being the most special and the star in the table.

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers, thank you for giving my Tatay another year. We are all grateful.