Sunday, April 11, 2010

New song!!

The Lord gave my husband a new song when we were in Sabah and we've been singing it in the church for two Sundays now and I personally heard someone said that it is a good song. And I must say it is. Here is the lyrics of that song:

by: R.Abadiano
March 2010

When darkness covers me
And sorrow overwhelmed my soul
You are there

When problems surrounded me
And my body is all covered with pain
You are there

Pre Chorus

On the cross you showed your love
You have died for me
And on the grave you overcame
The death to set me free


You reign forever Lord
You reign forever reign

God's love is so assuring, isn't it? Having him in your life is like having a term life insurance and even more than that. Sickness, sorrows, pain name it..He will be there for you.

Thank God for giving my husband a new song!! and thank you that you are using that song to minister to people in our church and to those who'll have the chance to listen.