Friday, June 8, 2012

Motorcycle needs

Just today, my husband Rudolf went to Las Pinas in his motorbike to meet a friend and he forgot his jacket, he didn't notice how hot the weather is. Well, he went home with his two arms sun burnt. he actually want a Joe Rocket Jacket and helmets because it is nice and the sun will surely not burn his arms anymore :) Maybe someday when we have no more major expenses and debts to pay, I'll buy him one :) Today our urgent need is a helmet for me because we lost mine few weeks ago. Joe Rocket helmets are nice too :) but nice as they maybe we can't afford them for now.

Healthy Hat

Every rainy season, Fishnets is conducting seminars to parents mostly moms from  urban poor areas. The goal is to teach them and educate them about diseases that are common during rainy days and how to prevent them, alongside the seminar is a free medical check up, where we check their blood pressure and sugar and then we give them vitamins for their kids.

This is to at least help them avoid such diseases that cost them their much needed money. Urban poor people  can not afford medical insurance so for sure they spend money in medicines and hospitalization. I can't even afford it even if I work regularly, not even a cheap and a no medical exam life insurance. Though the government is providing free medical assistance through our health centers sometimes it is still not enough.

So this June or maybe next month, there will be Healthy hat seminars in our ministry area. Please pray that the mothers will really learn something from this and that they would benefit from it.

Back to School

Our high scholars have gone back to school since Monday. I pray they will study hard and will really exert effort to finish school with high grades. I know it won't be easy as school is hard work , assignments here and there, researches, experiments (don't know though if they use laboratory furnaces in their experiments) but really I hope they would strive hard.

Our college students will go back to school next week. Two of them are freshmen and I'm sure there will be huge adjustments in their life. I pray they can adjust well and they''l not just be plain students in the school but model students and ambassadors of Christ.

Pray for our scholars and let's keep on supporting them.

Rainy Days

June is when the rainy season officially starts here but why is it still so hot? Yes, it rains and it gets cooler but when the rain stops it heat shoots up again. I literally want to soak my self with a fireman's single jacket fire hose..that would be cool! well, if I won't be thrown away :) hehe!

If only things happen right away when you just wish :)

Rudolf my husband said, he wish he is in Alaska now. I wish I am in a nice hotel with good air conditioning system and with lots of food! :)

How about you? what do you wish for now?

God is good all the time!

These are indeed tough days, in all aspect, spiritual, financial and emotional.

A lot has been happening to us and to the church. Sometimes I can't comprehend anymore, my mind and heart cannot process any longer, all the incidents and stuff. But I am holding on to God's word and that these happenings doesn't indicate that He is not good because God is good all the time, even in the toughest day.

I was actually sick yesterday (emotionally stress and the lack of sleep) are the culprit. I had terrible headache and body pain and was throwing up. Last night, I prayed and ask the Lord to give me complete rest and a sound sleep. I woke up and I feel strengthened :)

Yes, times are hard, situations are not good but GOD is GOOD all the time!

We haven't been to grocery store for like a month now, haven't seen barcode scanner for a while but we were never hungry. yes, money is hard at this point in time but GOD is GOOD all the time!

There is no reason not to praise the LORD everyday because His goodness never fails :)