Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I’ve been thinking of this meme for the past days now. I was actually thinking of things I am thankful for within the week and I said to myself maybe I’ll not participate this time.

Why? I can’t think of something special to be thankful for. This week all I did and had was



… mad




But I kept on praying. Even if He was silent ..I kept on praying.

I still don’t hear anything or something form HIM even now but I am still praying. We are still praying.

And guess what? Here’s one thing I am thankful for this week.

That I could still PRAY. That I could still CRY out to HIM in PRAYERS.

And I know in my heart, HE hears me. He heard me,

I’m sorry this is not a joyful post. For those of you who want to be inspired please visit Lynn’s page and visit other thankful entries too.


I am thankful of course for my husband who keeps on holding my hands and praying for us in tough times like this.