Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I’ve been thinking of this meme for the past days now. I was actually thinking of things I am thankful for within the week and I said to myself maybe I’ll not participate this time.

Why? I can’t think of something special to be thankful for. This week all I did and had was



… mad




But I kept on praying. Even if He was silent ..I kept on praying.

I still don’t hear anything or something form HIM even now but I am still praying. We are still praying.

And guess what? Here’s one thing I am thankful for this week.

That I could still PRAY. That I could still CRY out to HIM in PRAYERS.

And I know in my heart, HE hears me. He heard me,

I’m sorry this is not a joyful post. For those of you who want to be inspired please visit Lynn’s page and visit other thankful entries too.


I am thankful of course for my husband who keeps on holding my hands and praying for us in tough times like this.


Denise said...

Sweetie, please never stop praying. That shows your beautiful faith. God is listening, and He loves you very much.

Rocks said...

Thanks Denise-that's all I could do for now. Blessings!

God Chaser said...

Your post is inspiring- even in the midst of trouble and pain we are reminded through your testimony we can still pray, God still hears us- what great things for wish to give thanks.
Praying with you

Mauie Flores said...

Your post is an eye opener. I really should be thanking God too just because I can pray.

MiLeT said...

hi rocks, don't lose your faith. everything will turn out well. sometimes I am like that also, cry if you must my dear but remember your rainbow will be there after the rain.

be blessed! i am sending a prayer to you this very moment.

thanks for visiting my TT @

Angela said...

That I could still PRAY. That I could still CRY out to HIM in PRAYERS.

And I know in my heart, HE hears me. He heard me,

I’m sorry this is not a joyful post.
Oh beloved one it WAS a joyful post...You STILL PRAYED, YOUR STILL CRYED STILL believe He hears, He HEARS...and He will answer...sigh...((Hugs))) I have known these tears, these longings, these crys out to our Lord...and like you,,I WILL continue to pray, to cry out, to weep unto our Father...((Hugs))

Laurie Ann said...

Oh but this was a joyful post! In the midst of your trials you are praising Him for hearing you! That's awesome! I will be lifting you up to the Father. Happy Thankful Thursday!

Rita T. said...

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts we have - the ability to talk to GOD! Praise the Lord that you understand that. God always answers our prayers - in His time.

Have a good Thankful Thursday. Loved your post.

Jennifer said...

It is not only joyful but encouraging! Through your transparency, I see a strong, faithful, child of God who is crying out to her Heavenly Father in pain and trusting Him to hear her and answer her. That is inspiring and encouraging to all of us because we all go through times like these. There have been many weeks that I have thought that I would skip TT because of the week that I had but choose to find something to be thankful for...just as you did.

Prayer is a very powerful thing and when we have nothing else...we still have prayer and no one can take that away from us.

Keep pressing forward through prayer and He will see you through to victory, my friend.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Great post,
Everyone has days, weeks like the one you describe!! But not everyone knows who to go to,but I am thankful that you knew who to call upon. and you were thankful for that also. I have had many trials in my life, but God has always been faithful to me! I learned that He knew exactly where i was at and that He had not forgotten me! What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for sharing your thankfulness today.

Bonnie said...

I read somewhere once when a woman spoke of the "only thing she could do" was pray and another woman told her praying is not an "only" thing - it's the best thing. God is mightier than anything we can toss out at Him and keeping in close contact with Him no matter the circumstances is the smartest, best course of action we can take. What a beautiful, perfect thing to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing! Blessings.

Toknowhim said...

Awesome point...We can always pray :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...

Erica said...

Well are absolutely correct! And what a great reminder

mari said...

sis, you can talk to me if you want someone else to listen to you :)
andito lang ako.

Anonymous said...

I've had weeks like that too! And I also am thankful that we can always cry out to Him, even when we are sick and angry and He won't turn us away. I am praying you have a more peaceful weekend.

Rocks said...

To everyone : ladies thank you so much, your words means so much to me.