Monday, December 10, 2012

Pslams 46:10

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all that I need is you

All my desire
All I require
All that I need is in you.

I fell in love with Ray Watson’s music, so calming, so motivating, so intimate.
Hubby keeps on playing it over and over now and you just can’t help but worship God and feel His presence.

And right now, that lyrics seems perfect in our situation..All that I need is in you.
No matter how huge our need is, it is still God who can provide and supply it.

You need comfort?
You need healing?
You need love?
You need someone?
You need money?
There is no need that our loving God cannot meet. You don’t need to turn to drugs, you don’t need to turn to friends who don’t seem to care, you don’t need to turn to abusive relationships.

You just have to realize that all you need is God.

Sometimes you have to have a need that is bigger than your hand and head and money can handle to realize that  All you need is God.

Well, I know sometimes it is easier said than done..trusting God when you see the big problem right in your face is not easy, when you see all the impossibilities and the pressure but I guess it is where we have to trust Him even more. I myself has been to the same situation before and I admit sometimes I fail to look how God can help me but trusted to what I can do instead.

Right now I have, we have a big financial need but we will trust God and we will keep on trusting untill the end of this all.