Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sing to the Lord always!

I know I did mention here that Selah's first worship album is coming soon and that we are excited and can't wait. We always look forward to recording time. Recording maybe long and tough (specially for first timer like them) but we are all enjoying it at the moment.

But you know, sad things are also happening alongside with our recording, it's been two Sundays now that Rudolf is not seen in the church, so that means he has not been leading the worship for two Sundays now. We are currently on "transition" process (if I can call it that way, we're praying and waiting for God's leading for us in line with our church.

I'm happy though that even if these things are happening, my husband never loses his passion to sing for the Lord. Whatever happens, we will always sing and make music to our Lord for His goodness and mercy never fails :)

As a matter of fact, now that we are resting from the church, he's been honing his music skills and is very eager to learn more (music notes and all that), getting ready for more greater opportunities in serving the Lord. (just a while ago, I showed him this boomerang looper for sale and he said he wants that) he is that eager :) 
Will keep you posted about everything and as always..let's keep on praising the Lord!!

God bless everyone!