Monday, May 30, 2011

Church Anniversary

Our church is turning 28 on June 05 and like every year we try to celebrate it as special as we can. This year, the celebration will be in Pasay Sports Complex, a bigger one compared to where we had it last year.

Right now, the whole church staff is busy preparing for the occasion, in fact, today is the last day of rehearsal of the worship team. The worship team for the celebration this year is composed of every worship team of each outreach, so everyone in the music ministry of lJBC will have a part in the celebration. And this year, we will all be singing original compositions of LJBC music ministry, one from each outreach and the rest from Manila. They will also be recording the praise and worship session and everyone who wants a copy can request from Rudolf who heads the worship team.

And as usual, yours truly will be in charge of the decoration. Though it would be minimal this year due to budget constraint I still hope we can make it look as festive as we can.How I wish we can afford advertising flags and put some in front of the venue, that would be nice but as I have said, we will have very minimal decor this year.

But that doesn't make it less special. I know however we celebrate it, it doesn't matter to God for what matters most is that we are thankful for HIS faithfulness through all the years of LJBC.

I hope all of you can come and celebrate with us :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Team Building

The Maricaban/Mulawin (Pasay) outreach of our church just had their family team building. I was asked to facilitate the games and I gladly accepted the job. I commend them for doing this kind of activity every year, they focus on family and oh how nice it is to see each family having fun together. I am such a happy facilitator because I saw everyone enjoying the games and really trying out their best to win in each game. I made it like a family competition and motivated them to work hard and gave points and awarded the winning family. I can say they all enjoyed it. The highlight of course is the message from the speaker which focused also in the family. Everyone had a good time indeed.

I will upload the hundreds of photos I took and will post them here but have to read about equestrian helmets first.

It's Sunday tomorrow and I hope you all have fun worshiping the Lord together with your family and church mate. God bless you all!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank you everyone!

The fund raising dinner we had last Friday was a success, despite of the short planning we were able to push through and gathered enough funds for the enrollment needs of our scholars. And I would like to thank everyone who supported us that evening, those who bought tickets and went to the event, thank you so much!

It so good to hear that everyone was happy and satisfied with the food (some even commented they would be needing diet pills that work after the event) Thank you Kuya Rudy for the delicious food and I know you prepared extra that's why we had more than enough.

the chocolate fountain was a hit as usual!
  the happy guests!
and of course thank you for the band who provided the music for that evening :)

In behalf of the Fishnets Ministry..thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fishnets-LJBC Scholar -MARVIN

This post wishes to introduce each student that the Fishnets and LJBC (my church) will be supporting this school year, we have six scholars now (four college and two high school students) the biggest so far since we started this program. Sending 4 young people to college is no joke with the never ending price increase of basic commodities and gasoline here it becomes next to impossible to average income earners what more to urban poor families? to those who live on the streets?

I know we are making big steps this school year, for tuition fees and allowances of these scholars alone we will need at least $3,000 and for a small church and ministry like us, that's quite big. But then we know we have BIG GOD.

So friends, I would like you to meet Marvin, he is the eldest of 5 siblings, incoming first year high school, a consistent honor and a testimony that poverty is never a hindrance to excel in school. His father is a construction worker but his work is not permanent. They live in I guess less than 12 square meter house (if you can call that a house)here's a picture of their home, it's so tiny, the parking space of my boss is much bigger than this and maybe the Address Plaque of your home is even more costly than everything inside this house. I have come here many times, it's dark and ventilation is not good, definitely not a proper home for everyone.

And here is a recent picture of their family minus the two girls. 
 (Marvin in yellow shirt)

Marvin deserve a better chance in this world and I can see from his eyes the determination to finish school and help his family someday. Can we help him do that?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner for a Cause

I hope you guys support us in any way you can, you can buy a ticket for only 300.00 that includes food, music and some stories that will inspire you.:) You can also sell tickets if you want or you can pray that we can gather enough funds to send all the scholars to school this coming school year :)

God bless your generous soul!!

Great Sunday

We were in another church yesterday and I know me and Rudolf both missed the regular Sunday worship we've been used to but attending in another church as a plain attendee is a breather and even if we did come late we were still blessed.

It was a small church compared to our church and the preacher is a youth pastor which I think is younger than my husband and I guess would explain why attendees are more of young people than adults.

He spoke of a very simple yet powerful message. "Are we truly born-again?"

Sometimes we needed to hear the simplest word, the simplest question and that would be enough to get us back to our feet.

And as I checked against my self I know I still fail many times in many aspects. But the good thing is rising up in every failure. Right?

We had a great Sunday yesterday, we spent the whole day with the whole family and it was one of the best weekend I had this year so far. For once I had a relaxed mind not thinking of anything except for nursing uniforms which is minimal :) I was indeed blessed!

How's your Sunday? have you been to any church? Were you blessed?

Monday, May 9, 2011


Sometimes I long to be home.

Not that I do not have a home here but when you feel sad and gloomy, when you need rest, when you need a mother’s embrace and assurance that you are loved, when you need a certain security from everything that’s bothering you, you long to be “home”.

It doesn’t even matter if it is a small house, a tiny space in the side of the street, a shanty, a mansion or a manufactured home, I know we all have in our heart what we called “home” and it varies on how you define home in your heart.

Past happenings in our family made me long for home…. in the warmth and comfort of my mother’s love.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A wedding anniversary treat

Talking about friends in my last post,another great surprise for me and my husband came last Sunday after the worship service, a couple friend invited us for lunch, I initially thought we will just have an ordinary lunch and meeting for their daughter's upcoming birthday but I was wrong, we were truly touched when they said it was a treat for our wedding anniversary :)

We celebrated our 5th year last April 21 and we had no celebration as couple at all but praise God we were able to dine out in this fancy restaurant because of great friends! and of course we enjoyed the food and the company :)
                                                               (I look funny/weird here :D )

To know in your heart that you have friends who cares and who are there when you need them is such a blessing. Di ba?

And before I go and read about the latest running shoes which I hope I can have someday soon, let me say thank you again to my friends!

I am really blessed!! and I hope I can return the favor someday :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

True friends

If there's really one thing I found out and am thankful for in the recent tragedy our family went through is "knowing friends that really care enough” and I am so much grateful for the Lord that He has given me friends like that.

I was actually not telling a lot of my friends about it but this one friend of mine when she learned about it invited me for a cup of coffee (she knew me well enough that a cup of good coffee will brighten my day) and to my surprise the next day she even extended a financial assistance without me asking for it because she knew also that we badly need it) I was overwhelmed by the thought that I have such a very good friend. It’s very rare now a days and I am so thankful I have one!

Some friends will just be there in good times, chit chatting, talking about houses, what they haves and what they’ve got, talking about furniture or snapper mowers, really shallow things but true friends are there when you are in trouble and they will help even without you asking.

And I know you are reading this blog my dear, I just want you to know I am very grateful I have found a friend in you! Love you and your son to the fullest!