Monday, May 23, 2011

Fishnets-LJBC Scholar -MARVIN

This post wishes to introduce each student that the Fishnets and LJBC (my church) will be supporting this school year, we have six scholars now (four college and two high school students) the biggest so far since we started this program. Sending 4 young people to college is no joke with the never ending price increase of basic commodities and gasoline here it becomes next to impossible to average income earners what more to urban poor families? to those who live on the streets?

I know we are making big steps this school year, for tuition fees and allowances of these scholars alone we will need at least $3,000 and for a small church and ministry like us, that's quite big. But then we know we have BIG GOD.

So friends, I would like you to meet Marvin, he is the eldest of 5 siblings, incoming first year high school, a consistent honor and a testimony that poverty is never a hindrance to excel in school. His father is a construction worker but his work is not permanent. They live in I guess less than 12 square meter house (if you can call that a house)here's a picture of their home, it's so tiny, the parking space of my boss is much bigger than this and maybe the Address Plaque of your home is even more costly than everything inside this house. I have come here many times, it's dark and ventilation is not good, definitely not a proper home for everyone.

And here is a recent picture of their family minus the two girls. 
 (Marvin in yellow shirt)

Marvin deserve a better chance in this world and I can see from his eyes the determination to finish school and help his family someday. Can we help him do that?

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