Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faith and Infertility

I don't remember talking about infertility here mainly because this is our ministry blog but I would just like everyone to know that we are battling infertility for almost 6 years now. And I realized it is not an easy battle. a lot of times I felt down and out, lost hope and was discouraged but every time that happens I get up, find my HOPE and renew my TRUST and have bigger  FAITH that God will fulfill his promise to us.

We are waiting because we know it will happen in God's perfect timing . He's never late.

While we are waiting, like what I've mentioned on my last post, we will keep on worshiping and praising the Lord. We will keep on serving Him. Sometimes it's the waiting time that is hard, it's  the waiting  time that might wither us but if we worship while we wait, it keeps the hopes high :D

For the meantime, I'm grateful for what we have,  such as our exclusive time for each other (as husband and wife) the love we can selflessly give to our nieces and nephews and friends' children and the time we have for our ministry.  (plus the fact that for now we don't have to worry about baby expenses and the cost that comes from having a child-and that we do not worry about how much is dna testing and newborn screening test and other hospital expenses when you give birth)

We'll come to that I know and we have to get ourselves ready.