Sunday, July 10, 2011

God works in ways we cannot see...

Thank you Lord.

After pouring our hearts in prayer and crying for help (desperately) last night..

Finally today, the one thing that been worrying me since last week has been settled. My sister was able to talk to them and they agreed of something that will be beneficial for both families.

Now, we only have to wait for the insurance payment and hopefully it will come sooner so we can have everything settled and move on from this test.

This one made me realize how important insurance is. You never know when you need it and although it doesn't give any assurance that you'll be safe at all, it is still better to have one. Will look at whole life insurance later to just have a glimpse of what can we avail someday.

if you think sometimes that God has forgotten your needs, think again..He works in ways we cannot see :) And He never sleeps, he never slumber, he never tires of hearing our prayer.

Have a good day everyone!

Friends | Max's | Guitar Hero|

I know I've already mentioned many times here but I would like to say it again that I am blessed with friends. I cherished my friends in our church for we are bonded not only with common interests but with the love of the Lord.

It was weeks ago when we went out again after such a long time and decided to try the chicken all you can promo at Max's restaurant, and you can tell by the picture below that we enjoyed the chicken a lot!

After devouring many chickens at Max's, we went straight to a friend's house where we enjoyed being rock star for a moment. They have Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero and I super enjoyed playing the bass. Good stress reliever :)

Praising God for F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Sunday Worship

How's your Sunday everyone? Did you go to church? Did you have a celebration of praise with your church family? I hope you all did because...well,  


And I'm sure we all need strength for the coming week. We do not know what we are going to face/battle and we can only be certain of our victory if we are strengthened, if we are recharged, if we get refilled of the energies we used for the past week right?

That's why, having fellowship with fellow believers, worshiping with your spiritual family is important. Somehow, we drew strength from that.

This Sunday morning I was not in the worship team but nonetheless, I had a wonderful worship experience down the stage. Jumping and shouting (now that's some calories off too-no need to take the best weight loss pills right?)

Anyways, I had a wonderful weekend, Saturday was spent with  movie marathon time with friends and  a wonderful worship for Sunday .

I can very well say ----I'm recharge for the week :)