Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Worship

How's your Sunday everyone? Did you go to church? Did you have a celebration of praise with your church family? I hope you all did because...well,  


And I'm sure we all need strength for the coming week. We do not know what we are going to face/battle and we can only be certain of our victory if we are strengthened, if we are recharged, if we get refilled of the energies we used for the past week right?

That's why, having fellowship with fellow believers, worshiping with your spiritual family is important. Somehow, we drew strength from that.

This Sunday morning I was not in the worship team but nonetheless, I had a wonderful worship experience down the stage. Jumping and shouting (now that's some calories off too-no need to take the best weight loss pills right?)

Anyways, I had a wonderful weekend, Saturday was spent with  movie marathon time with friends and  a wonderful worship for Sunday .

I can very well say ----I'm recharge for the week :)

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