Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Laurie of Women taking a Stand is host for this month. Head on to her site to visit more thankful hearts.

She's thankful she can slow down and spend time in God's presence. God slowed me down yesterday by making me sick and spend the whole day in bed. I know I've been working too hard, office job and ministries and family obligations has taken it's toll on me and my body is weak. So should I be thankful I was sick yesterday? yes, I am thankful for that one whole day of rest.

And I think I should have stayed home and rested again today, you see I am still not feeling well but I insisted on coming on to work. I hope to feel better soon.

But anyways, this week I am also thankful for the following;

1. Reunion with great friends last week. Some pictures here.
2. Beauty products I used are still on sale until September 15- good buys for best wrinkle cream.
3. Mom and Dad visiting our new home last weekend.
4. Sue and Rachel Winters from UK visited and helped in our ministry for one month. sad to see them go last Sunday but we know they will stay in our hearts forever.
5. Husband's comforting hands. I thank HIM most for giving me the best one for me. I heard a lot of broken marriage lately, husbands cheating their wives and I am just thankful that the Lord has given me "His best choice".

Have a nice day everyone!!