Wednesday, November 20, 2013

7 years 7 months

MARRIED to the man God has specifically chosen for me :)

It was not an all smooth easy marriage, like everyone else, we have some serious fights also, arguments from time to time but I think that makes our marriage even more stronger.

But I know also that I am super blessed with Rudolf. His love is very assuring and I have never felt so loved before. There are times I think I am not reciprocating the same love he is giving me eh because his love is so selfless, so forgiving, so humble, so kind. I don't think I am like that.

 I am trying my best though to be a very good, supportive and loving wife to him, cheering him on when he is in despair, assuring him when he is in doubt, but still I cannot compare that to the many things he is doing for me.

And I thank the Lord so much for blessing me, for giving me that kind of gift.  I hope we will have more 7 years and 7 months to celebrate. 

Now only if I can give him this portable DJ mixer, this traktor z1 at musicians friend, I'm sure that would compensate for my being selfish a lot of times :) You know how anything with his music and recording makes him happy. And I fervently pray that they will finish the album soon because that would really make him happy.

7 years 7 months. Thank you Lord.