Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello!! Guess what? I am so excited to write this Thankful Thursday post today..Why? because finally we are moving!!

We found a new place which is not very far from the church, it's a two bedroom house and we will be sharing with a dear friend of ours they are also a missionary couple.

We've been living in the mission's center since we got married (3 years now) and husband being the full time church worker has been living there for almost 8 years already, we learned a lot of things there, we were nurtured spiritually, we were trained, our Pastor used to refer to it as our military base camp. It was there that I learned a lot about relationship. Imagine living with three families around (although we have separate rooms) plus more single missionaries. It was tough but it was also a blessing.

It was time for us to step up.

Now that we are finally moving on, help us pray for provision for rent and utilities. This is indeed a step of faith for us and I know God will never leave us as we take this new chapter of our life, of our faith.

Praise HIM for HE is so good!!!

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