Sunday, January 1, 2012

Realizations. Decision

I married a servant of God, that I knew very well since day 1 of our marriage or even long before the wedding date itself.

So when he decided to work on a secular job on a full time basis I had mixed feelings. I know he wanted to provide for me so he felt the needed to work with a steady income and for that reason alone I was happy, but knowing he'll just work for the ministry part time made my heart bleeds also because I know from the very start that he has a calling.

Romans 8 :28 said.."All things work together for good to them who love God"... and I believe everything happens for a reason. God allowed my husband to work on the same company where I work and it's been four months. He had many realizations in that span of time and yesterday he made the decision of which I am truly happy. He decided to leave the job and get back on track with God's calling.

For sure, the salary he receives on a regular basis is a big help but that isn't the most important thing in our lives. We are servants and we will serve with or without monetary compensations because we know in our hearts that our labor in the Lord is not in vain.

I am grateful he was able to experience a job outside from what he's used to. And he said he's thankful for the experience also although I know what he got was a tough and rough job compared to regular office work or some Concierge Jobs but nonetheless we are both thankful for the learnings and experience.

I know this is God's will..why? because I have this unexplainable peace in my heart. I am happy and my only prayer is that He will be more closer..we will be more closer to God than ever before.

God is our provider, our refuge and I know HE will not forsake us, there will be tough times (specially in our finances) but God will always be in control and I know there is no reason for me to worry.

Rich Thoughts For The Week

10. Your reputation goes before you it can either open or close doors for you.

9. Your future is not in the past but is determined by what you do today as seeds for tomorrow’s harvests.

8. Look beyond where you are. . .to what might have been. . .and still can be.

7. You may be living in the land of mediocrity...but God wants you moving toward a land flowing with milk and honey.

6. God has given each of us the ability to make the invisible...visible. What you do with that your choice.

5. Thanksgiving should be EVERY DAY and not just the last Thursday in November. Make it so.

4. When you’re in debt. . .your life is not your own. You're a slave to the moneylenders (Proverbs 22:7 CEV).

3. If you want to assume a position of leadership, heed the words of Benjamin Franklin: “He that cannot obey, cannot command.”

2. Be on time your job...every appointment. Being late is a sign of disrespect. God is on time and we should be too

1. God’s joy gives you the ability to look beyond today’s circumstances to a better tomorrow…based on His promises.

RICH THOUGHTS - by H. Herring