Monday, June 8, 2009

But God is good!!

It's so hard to say this but I'll blog it anyway..

We are down to our last penny. I do not know what and how it happened but one more week before payday and we are out of money. And though we do not belong to those who live in a comfortable life (How I wish we are though) this seldom happens because I always always make sure I have money left to pull us through between paydays.

Maybe, God who is our ultimate provider decided it's time for me to learn a lesson in TRUSTING HIM.

And I on the other hand is a reluctant student but would be happy to learn anyway.

So I said in my prayer last night,

"Lord you know we don't have money and it's not yet payday, I TRUST you will provide for us"

Guess what? no, we don't have money yet but we are going out for a dinner tonight!
And I'm smiling..why? because it's as if God is telling me, "you don't have money..well then, I'm going to treat you out on a dinner tonight..that's for TRUSTING ME"


( a friend will treat us to dinner tonight in celebration of their first wedding anniversary, here's her blog post about it :)